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Monkeybars, Inc.

October 24, 2012 11:03 ET

Monkeybars Launches Socially-Driven Website That Financially Rewards Artists and Fans

New Music Platform Enables Artist-Driven Marketing and Rewards Fans for Social Sharing; Kicks Off With Monkeybars Soundcheck Campaign

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2012) - Monkeybars, Inc., the only socially-driven website that financially rewards artists and fans for distributing and recommending content online, came out of beta today with a new way of showcasing emerging artists -- Monkeybars Soundcheck. The campaign, which runs until November 13, spotlights 30 emerging artists in 30 days by recognizing undiscovered talent in the music industry and empowering new artists to own their digital content. By valuing artists over industry, Monkeybars is enabling an evolution in the distribution of content. 

Traditional music discovery and distribution channels have been challenged by online platforms. This paradigm shift of music consumption creates new opportunities for artists to distribute content online and creates new revenue streams via social sharing. There are some music websites that claim to help revolutionize the industry for emerging artists. However, these sites charge fees to distribute content and do not give artists the ability to manage the profitability of their content. Monkeybars solves this challenge by giving artists the ability to financially benefit from fan recommendations on social networks. 

Monkeybars Website Embodies Artists Over Industry

Monkeybars gives artists the ability to fully manage their music and videos. This includes full ownership of digital rights, as well as the ability to set their own price and determine how much profit they keep and how much they give back to their fans. For music sales, Monkeybars puts 100 percent of the available commission on the table for the artists and their fans to collect. Artists can then give a percentage of the profit back to their fans for doing what they do best -- sharing their favorite music on their social channels.

"Establishing and expanding a fan base has always been a constant struggle for artists," said Steven Corn, CEO of BFM Digital and Monkeybars Advisory Board member. "Yet, the real challenge is figuring out how to keep your fan base engaged after the initial discovery period. Seeking a solution to this challenge, Monkeybars has developed a way to empower fans to become active partners with their favorite artists. Utilizing this new concept for a digital storefront, Monkeybars has created an environment that allows emerging artists to promote and sell their content while motivating their fans to become aligned with the success of music they love."

Changing the Industry One Artist at a Time with Soundcheck

Monkeybars aims to change the music industry by giving control back to the artists who create the music. The Monkeybars Soundcheck campaign is making this vision a reality. A street team will be discovering emerging artists and bringing them into the spotlight for recognition in a crowded industry. Thirty artists will be highlighted in 30 days across the Monkeybars website and social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and the hashtag #30Artists30Days. Through the power of video, artists are able to share their story with fans and artists alike, and through the power of fan-to-fan social sharing on Monkeybars they are able to share their music with and reward their fans.

"Monkeybars is an advocate and platform for emerging artists, so it was only fitting that we launch a campaign to spotlight undiscovered talent," said Steve Koskie, CEO of Monkeybars. "It's exciting and rewarding to partner with artists and affect true, positive change in the music industry. In giving artists complete control over the monetization of their music, Monkeybars enables emerging musicians to take back the ownership of their content."

Each day through November 13, one emerging artist will be promoted on Monkeybars' social media profiles and website. Campaign followers can visit channels daily to discover the latest featured artist, listen to their story, download their music, and share the artist's content across their own social network. Additionally, artists who upload their music to Monkeybars between October 15 and November 11 at midnight Pacific Time will be entered into the Share a Song contest. The artist with the most social fan shares will be recognized at the Climbing the Rungs Award Show on November 15 and will win a day of music mentoring in Los Angeles with Monkeybars Advisor Kannon Caviar Cross. An artist and producer, Cross has worked and collaborated with a wide range of artists in the industry, such as Aaliyah, Snoop Dogg, Slash from Guns N' Roses, and Timbaland. He is currently producing albums with artists, including Norega, E-40, T.I., Too Short, Tank, Joe Jonas, Goodie Mob, DMX, Macy Gray, and Cee Lo Green.

"When Monkeybars approached us, we were struck by the concept of allowing a band to have full control on their pricing," said Nikolaus Bartunek, lead singer of Picture Atlantic and Monkeybars Soundcheck artist. "Today, the music industry is desperately grasping at straws and trying to keep their archaic standards afloat. It's refreshing to see a company that realizes the strength, potential, and wisdom of putting more power into the hands of the artists. On top of that, being a part of the Soundcheck program is really a blessing. It's easy for online music platforms to ignore the bands on their websites. Monkeybars wants fans to get to know their favorite bands, which is a really underrated and important gesture in this musical climate."

Fans are encouraged to visit the Monkeybars social channels and website to find out more about the Soundcheck campaign and the 30 emerging artists. Artists are also encouraged to visit the Monkeybars website for more information and to upload their content to be entered into the Share a Song contest.

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Monkeybars is the only socially driven platform that financially rewards artists and fans for distributing and recommending content online. Monkeybars is partnering with artists to affect true, positive change in the music industry by enabling an evolution in the distribution of content. At the same time, Monkeybars is also creating a truly rewarding social music website, in which fans share their favorite songs within their networks, rewarding themselves and the artists they support. With a deep bench of advisors, the company understands the needs of artists because the platform is supported by those who have insider knowledge on the issues within the music industry. Monkeybars is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, visit

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