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August 30, 2010 11:00 ET

Monolith Software Appoints Eirteic Consulting as Global Business Partner

Consulting Company Seeks to Streamline Offering With Single Design OSS Platform

ST. CHARLES, IL--(Marketwire - August 30, 2010) -  Monolith Software (, developer of the industry's most versatile technology management solution, today announced that Eirteic Consulting has been appointed as a Global Platinum Partner for Monolith Software. Eirteic Consulting has selected Monolith's offering to help satisfy customers' needs for Integrated Service Management without implementing complex solutions that plug in multi-point solutions and take months -- or longer -- to install.

Headquartered in Ireland, Eirteic Consulting is dedicated to providing quality OSS solutions and has a strong global presence supporting customers in over 30 countries around the world. The main challenge Eirteic Consulting discovered with customer installations is to unify multiple service, event and performance management or topology platforms into one integrated solution.

Patrick Buttimer, CEO of Eirteic Consulting, explains further, "We have customers that have three or four point tools from a number of the 'Big Four' software providers. Monolith's award-winning solution is built from a single code base that is a generation beyond the network and application management solutions found in other offerings. Monolith allows us to provide a single solution containing all the necessary metrics needed to properly measure and model business services."

Aside from the unification of software tools, Eirteic Consulting also found significant customer benefits regarding the integration of Monolith's solution. "Monolith can sit on top of customers' existing platforms or enable them to retire various components -- when the customer decides they are ready to retire them," Buttimer continued. "In this manner, it's not a rip and replace scenario and our customers can instantly start providing better visibility into business services."

"Monolith provides a unique perspective to our channel partners because we leverage our extensive experience with other management and monitoring packages, based upon our years of providing consulting and integration services to service providers," said Jeff Parker, CEO Monolith Software. 

Monolith was built to address the shortcomings found in the traditional approaches employed by the Big Four. Parker continues, "We are pleased to hear that channel partners with extensive industry experience, such as Eirteic Consulting, share a common vision of: simplicity versus complexity, integrated code versus multiple code bases, a common database engine versus multiple backend database platforms and a single unified interface versus multiple disparate interfaces. It is refreshing to see positive reception to our vision."

For more information on Monolith Software's network, system and application performance management software, please view the following white paper: A Phased Approach for Building a Next Generation Network Operations Center or see the recent announcement, Monolith Software Enhances Network Performance Management.

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Since inception in 2000, Eirteic Consulting has been dedicated to providing quality Fault, Service and Performance Management solutions and services to Government, Health Care, Financial and Telecommunications markets. Eirteic Consulting is headquartered in Ireland with offices in South Africa, Australia, USA and China. Eirteic Consulting works with customers in over 30 countries to deliver best-of-breed solutions and services. For more information, visit

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  • application performance management, network performance management, SLA, IT Dashboards