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October 28, 2013 09:00 ET

Monolith Software Introduces AssureNow™ Unified Service Assurance Solution That Automates Service-Oriented Operations and Drives Transformation

Takes a Customer-Centric View of Services, Accelerates New Service Delivery, Reduces Operations Complexity, and Consolidates Legacy Monitoring Systems

RICHARDSON, TX--(Marketwired - October 28, 2013) - Monolith Software, the leading provider of next generation service assurance solutions, today introduced AssureNow™, a unified, end-to-end service assurance solution to further unify, simplify, and now automate the service assurance process for IT and operations teams. The AssureNow platform and solution enables Monolith's service provider, managed service provider, and enterprise customers and partners to automate service-oriented operations across their entire infrastructure and drive transformation and consolidation initiatives.

AssureNow is a next generation service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. AssureNow unifies and automates service assurance processes to accelerate new service delivery while significantly lowering operations and support costs. Unique capabilities of the AssureNow solution include the single code base and unified product operations that provide the industry's lowest integration and support costs and highest scalability, and advanced cross-domain, topology-based correlations that assure end-to-end service availability and performance.

"Monolith Software's AssureNow service assurance platform combines flexibility, rapid integration, and use of open source elements that support LAMP skills, enabling their customers to benefit from lower integration cost and support new applications faster," said Patrick Kelly, Research Director at Analysys Mason.

The AssureNow (Monolith 4) release further simplifies and automates IT development and operations support systems and processes with self-service packaging and deployment, flexible rules engines, and full REST APIs for integration, customization, and dynamic deployment. Its end-to-end service assurance solution increases agility and dramatically lowers time to market, which are critical to deploying complex services in dynamic cloud and SDN environments. The AssureNow solution is now in limited availability with select customers and partners and it will be generally available in early 2014.

"Monolith Software's key strength lies in the open, unified, and multi-domain nature of our service assurance platform, which obviates the need for separate OSS systems for performance monitoring, service level management, and fault and event management," said Bill Cannon, Monolith CEO. "With Monolith AssureNow, end-to-end service views can be directly tied to customer experience, so service providers and enterprises can reap clear benefits, such as a customer-centric view of services, OPEX reduction, standardized business processes, and centralized control."

AssureNow dashboards and dynamic portals provide a unified view of service levels and performance using a single pane of glass and a consistent set of data, thus enabling service providers to focus on customer- and service-impacting performance without 'swivel-chair' operations and manual efforts.

"The AssureNow dashboards are an invaluable and extremely flexible asset to our organization, since they enable holistic oversight of a business function at whatever granularity is required by users, administrators, executives, and our customers," said Jesse Hess, Operational Support Systems at Iowa Network Services. "The new AssureNow packaging, install, and update portal simplifies updates and ensures rapid deployment of new services, creating efficiencies at the operations level as well as streamlining deployment by Monolith and its partners."

AssureNow enables a transformational service-oriented approach to delivering new and existing business services and provides a proven, compelling, and immediate ROI as well as low ongoing total cost of ownership through tools consolidation and process efficiencies. Monolith's customers have reduced operations costs by over 50% by consolidating hundreds of tools and systems to a few and by automating manual processes.

"The new AssureNow capabilities radically simplify integration, deployment, and support efforts with completely open and customizable packaging, rules management, and dynamic dashboards and portals," said Shawn Ennis, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Monolith Software. "The AssureNow platform and its packaging and REST APIs enable service providers and enterprises to automate the development, deployment, and operations life cycle for assuring new services, while also enabling simple and low risk legacy tools migration and consolidation."

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