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April 13, 2005 08:00 ET

Monrovia Plants MailFrontier to Grow Safer Email Communications

MailFrontier Protects Grower's Employees From Unwanted Email

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 13, 2005 -- MailFrontier™, a leader in email security, today announced Monrovia Growers, one of the world's largest producers of container grown plants, has selected MailFrontier Gateway™ Server to block unwanted email, including spam, directory harvest attacks and viruses. Monrovia selected MailFrontier for its combined protection, control, performance and ease-of-use.

With more than 400 active email users and over 160,000 inbound emails each month, Monrovia's inboxes were filled with growing amounts of unwanted email, particularly spam and viruses. Despite the company's use of an anti-spam solution the unwanted email still got through. The IS team was spending significant amounts of time trying to tweak the content filter in an attempt to improve its performance, but with more than 70 percent of inbound email as junk, too much was getting through to end users.

"Our previous anti-spam solution didn't work very well at blocking spam, and we were also experiencing a false positive rate of about one percent," said Ray Martin, IS technical manager for Monrovia. "We discovered important emails addressed to our executives were regularly getting caught in the spam filter, forcing my team to spend time retrieving them. In addition, it seemed we constantly needed to make manual adjustments to improve the filtering for spam, while fielding help desk calls from an increasing number of frustrated employees. It just became too much to handle -- we needed something better."

Martin and his team evaluated a number of solutions, including outsourced options and anti-spam appliances, but settled on MailFrontier Gateway for its no compromise approach. "MailFrontier was the only solution that provided effective, integrated protection against a variety of threats, and ease-of-use for both administrators and end users, all without having to sacrifice performance. MailFrontier was even better than anticipated," added Martin.

Despite having an anti-virus solution already, Monrovia chose to also implement MailFrontier's signature-based virus protection to further improve overall network security. "Having a second AV product gives us another layer of protection. Redundancy and variety is a good combination when it comes to something as important as email security. MailFrontier's integrated anti-virus protection simplifies management and catches hundreds of emails with viruses that could have made it to users," noted Martin.

Monrovia also implemented MailFrontier Gateway in a split configuration to protect inbound email servers in both California and Georgia. MailFrontier Remote Analyzers assess and filter email at the perimeter allowing good email to pass through, while bad email is prevented from entering Monrovia's systems entirely -- before burdening the infrastructure. With the MailFrontier Remote Analyzers, Monrovia has a centralized administrative console for email quarantine, system management, and reporting. Monrovia also receives a single, consolidated Junk Box for the company and personal Junk Boxes for each user, no matter what path the mail took into the organization, providing additional ease-of-use and simplified control.

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