Club Sportif MAA

Club Sportif MAA

November 08, 2011 09:00 ET

Montreal's Club Sportif MAA Unlocks the Vault of Canadian Sporting History on its 130 Year Anniversary

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 8, 2011) - Club Sportif MAA, (formerly known as the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association [M.A.A.A.]), Canada's most accomplished and prestigious fitness club is celebrating its 130 year anniversary this week. In honor of the anniversary, management has compiled a record of the Club's sporting accomplishments, which has made the MAA one of the most influential sporting organizations in Canadian history and an icon of Canadian sporting culture. A selection of highlights from MAA history is presented below:

  • The M.A.A.A. was formed by the union of three powerful sporting clubs, the Montreal Snowshoe Club, the Montreal Lacrosse Club and the Montreal Bicycle Club in 1881.

  • The M.A.A.A. Montreal Hockey Club is the first team to have its name engraved on the Stanley Cup (1893). The Club earns the hockey championship title in 1893, and in 1902-03 after successfully challenging for-and winning the Stanley Cup.

  • Constitution and By-Laws of Canada's national game (lacrosse), competitive track and field, snow-shoeing, and bicycling are created at the M.A.A.A., patterned on the M.A.A.A. rules, or founded by an M.A.A.A. member.

  • The first National Lacrosse Championship was won by the Montreal Lacrosse Club in 1867; the MLC became one of the founding members of the M.A.A.A.

  • The M.A.A.A. organizes and hosts the World Bicycle Championship in 1899, the first time that event was held in North America.

  • M.A.A.A. member, Étienne Desmarteaux, delivers the first Olympic Gold medal for the Canadian Olympic Team, winning the hammer throw event at the St. Louis Olympics in 1904.

  • M.A.A.A. member, George Hodgson becomes the first Canadian to win Double Olympic Gold medals in swimming (1500m and 400m freestyle events), breaking the Olympic 1500m record and three world records at the Stockholm Games in 1912.

  • M.A.A.A. football club wins the first Grey Cup for Montreal in 1931.

  • The M.A.A.A. inspires the Detroit Red Wings franchise. James Norris, a member of the M.A.A.A., bought The Detroit Red Wings and adapts the M.A.A.A. "Winged Wheel" logo in 1932.

  • The MAA supports modern-day Canadian Olympians with a program that includes over 150 freshly retired, current and Olympic hopefuls including Kim St. Pierre (3-time Gold Medalist: 2002-2006-2010) and Alexandre Despatie (2-time silver medalist).

Canadian sports historian and professor at the University of Western Ontario, Don Morrow places the Club's accomplishments in a historical context: "It is impossible to write the history of Canadian sports without discussing Club MAA. The M.A.A.A. literally ran Canadian sport and its impact on Canadian sport is truly impressive. From lacrosse to hockey - snow shoeing to swimming- the MAA's involvement and accomplishments in sport are part of very fabric of Canadian culture itself. To a historian, Club MAA is more than a prestigious fitness facility; it is a fundamental part and molder of Canadian heritage."

Pierre Blanchet, General Manager of Club Sportif MAA, looks to the future of the MAA as it builds on its storied past. "The Club continues to develop world-class athletes. Right now, we support close to 200 Olympic champions and hopefuls like Marie-Andrée Lessard and Andréanne Morin. At the same time, we continue to provide all of our members and recreational athletes with innovative new programs like Jukari Fit to Fly™ and AntiGravity® Yoga." Club Sportif MAA was the first club in the world to introduce Jukari Fit to Fly™ classes, an innovative acrobatic fitness program developed and co-branded by Cirque du Soleil and Reebok.

Club Sportif MAA houses one of Canada's largest archive of historical sports photos, trophies and memorabilia. For a limited time, the MAA has made available a selection of Canada's sporting goods history. They are available online at High resolution images may be reproduced with written permission.

Founded in 1881, Club Sportif MAA (formerly Montreal Amateur Athletic Association) is one of Canada's premier fitness clubs. The private club transformed into a publically accessible facility in 1998. Located at 2070 Peel Street in Montreal, QC, the Club provides its members with a state-of-the-art health and fitness facility that includes, squash courts, swimming pool, handball court, full scale gymnasium, great variety and trendiest group fitness classes, bistro, sports medicine clinic and spa. Club Sportif MAA has 3,000 members and is part of the exclusive Cambridge Group of Clubs.

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