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ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.

July 12, 2007 13:55 ET

Montreal's Ville-Marie Medical and Women's Health Center Leads in the Adoption of ART's SoftScan Breast Imaging System

Prestigious clinic initiates evaluation and purchasing process for SoftScan use in breast cancer diagnosis

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2007) - ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. ("ART")(TSX:ARA), a Canadian medical device company and a leader in optical molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce that the prestigious Ville-Marie Medical and Women's Health Center in Montreal, Canada, has initiated the evaluation and purchasing process of a SoftScan® optical breast imaging system under the terms of ART's SoftScan Prepurchase and Evaluation Program.

The Ville-Marie Medical and Women's Health Center strives to provide patients with timely, efficient, and dignified access to its accumulated multidisciplinary specialized expertise to primarily improve the prognosis of breast cancer. Its mission statement includes a commitment to promote prevention, early detection, and best management practices of breast cancer. Accordingly, the Center constantly evaluates, acquires and integrates leading-edge imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies that can deliver significant improvements in breast cancer detection and patient management.

Dr. John R. Keyserlingk, M.D., Surgical Oncologist and Medical Director of the Ville-Marie Center, commented: "Ville-Marie finds the initial sensitivity/specificity data produced by the SoftScan imaging device in prior studies very interesting and considers it to be a very promising new functional and molecular imaging modality. We belong to a rapidly increasing group of breast imagers who are convinced that functional imaging can significantly contribute to the information currently provided by structural imaging, such as mammography and ultrasonography, in promoting earlier breast cancer detection and improving our ability to monitor new neo-adjuvant (before surgery) therapeutic programs. Ville-Marie thus intends to introduce SoftScan into its future first-line multi-imaging breast cancer detection and treatment monitoring strategies, after our multi-disciplinary staff has had an adequate opportunity to evaluate its on-site capabilities and performance."

"This prestigious endorsement from one of Canada's top, state-of-the-art women's health facilities indicates a clear commitment to the SoftScan program. We could not ask for a better partner than Ville-Marie Medical and Women's Health Center to help further demonstrate the contribution of SoftScan to improving breast cancer diagnosis" said Sebastien Gignac, ART's President and CEO.

"We believe the SoftScan imaging system will offer clinicians a valuable tool that addresses some of the unmet medical needs in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. While mammography remains the gold standard, we also know it has limitations and blind spots, particularly in young women with dense breasts", said Dr. Joseph Kozikowski, ART's Chief Medical Officer.

"ART's SoftScan Prepurchase and Evaluation Program enables qualified prospective customers to integrate SoftScan into their patient workflow and quickly realize SoftScan's clinical and other benefits. The design of our Program has been benchmarked against contemporary best practices in the medical equipment industry, and we're confident that it will result in high conversion rates and an accelerated sales cycle," said Mark A. Mailloux, ART's Executive Director, SoftScan Commercialization.

About SoftScan®

The SoftScan optical breast imaging system has been designed first as a complementary diagnostic tool to mammography, with ultimate uses in the detection and treatment monitoring of breast cancer. Its non-invasive, painless approach uses time-domain optical imaging technology, which may allow clinicians to better locate and characterize breast tumors as benign or malignant and could provide faster assessment of therapeutic effectiveness. Unlike mammography whose use must be strictly limited, SoftScan emits no radiation and can be safely used as often as needed to monitor patients. The device was created and developed by ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc., and has obtained regulatory approvals for its commercialization in Canada and in Europe.

About ART

ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. is a leader in molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. ART has developed products in medical imaging, medical diagnostics, disease research, and drug discovery with the goal of bringing new and better treatments to patients faster. eXplore Optix™, an optical molecular imaging device designed for monitoring physiological changes in living systems at the preclinical study phases of new drugs, is distributed by ART in North America and by GE Healthcare in the rest of the world, with a focus in Europe and Asia, and is used by industry and academic leaders worldwide. SoftScan®, an optical medical imaging device, is designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. ART is commercializing these products in a global strategic alliance with GE Healthcare, a world leader in mammography and imaging. Finally, the Fenestra™ line of molecular imaging contrast products provide image enhancement for a wide range of preclinical Micro CT applications allowing scientists to see greater detail in their imaging studies, with potential extension into other major imaging modalities. ART's shares are listed on the TSX under the ticker symbol ARA. For more information on ART, visit our website at

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