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Mop Environmental Solutions, Inc.

December 21, 2010 13:18 ET

MOPN Announces Breakthrough; Container Load Shipment to Ecuador for Environmental Spill Response to Commence Immediately

BATH, NH--(Marketwire - December 21, 2010) -  MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MOPN) -- After a year of waiting, with numerous delays, such as providing product for independent university testing in Ecuador, and competitive evaluation by environmental response companies who made comparisons to virtually all available oil spill sorbent alternatives for performance and cost, our "MOP Maximum Oil Pickup™" has prevailed as the Ultimate First Choice for Oil Spills. This has resulted in firm contractual commitments beginning with three environmental response companies, one of which is among the five largest in Ecuador. The first purchase order has been received for distribution and the first container load is scheduled to leave without delay. 

Growing Global Recognition:

MOPN Company President and CEO Charles Diamond stated: "With the recognition of our product in Ecuador, through the tacit endorsement of MOP positioned against all the available alternatives, we have achieved an important breakthrough in our company's steady growth of servicing the environmental response needs in Ecuador."

Diamond further elaborated: "It is only natural to draw a comparison with the recent BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill is only a 10th of the size of the 18 billion gallons of toxic oil spilled waste contaminating the land in Ecuador. Unlike the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the oil spilled in Ecuador presents a number of factors uniquely favorable to our company and our product MOP Maximum Oil product -- including the clean-up of oil-laden soil."

Diamond further explained: "While there were literally thousands of companies of every size that attempted to gain recognition to participate in the frenzied BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup effort, I believe that with the extra time afforded us in Ecuador, the case for MOP has been successfully argued, and will continue to conclusively prove and demonstrate, wherever necessary, that there is indeed only one technology, one product, and one company -- MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc., that offers the single most practical answer to the remediation of the oil contaminated land in Ecuador, and that this will continue to be demonstrated successfully and chosen in other global locations that are now presently underway with our "MOP Maximum Oil Pickup™" prevailing as the Ultimate First Choice globally for Oil Spills on Land or Water.

Diamond concluded: "We anticipate a gradual and steady increase in the delivery of MOP to Ecuador as its use becomes more widespread and the pace and scope of oil spill cleanup through the use of MOP expands. It is an important starting point that is anticipated to present the solution to the many challenges Ecuador is facing and meeting the full demand of the cleanup effort there."


MOP ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS, INC. participated in the cleanup effort of the BP Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MOPN) is a publicly traded company. MOP Maximum Oil Pickup™ is a "cradle-to-cradle" green product that is arguably the most effective oil spill recovery system on the market. For information see

Brief Description of the MOP Technology:

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. manufactures and distributes MOP® Maximum Oil Pickup. MOP is an aggressive oleophilic and hydrophobic (oil attracting and water repelling) sorbent made from recycled and fully biodegradable materials. MOP picks up and recovers for reuse any oil spill on land or on water, having the versatility to effectively deal with oil spills the size of the BP Horizon Gulf Oil Spill yet is equally effective at cleaning up oil spills off a garage floor.

This revolutionary, 100% recyclable, absorbent material, picks up to 30 times its own weight in oil, without absorbing water, restores traction on slippery surfaces, yet is as safe to the environment as a leaf falling from a tree. MOP offers the fastest, safest, lowest cost way to restore a clean, natural environment from any oil spill, indoors, outdoors, on land or water in all weather conditions, and uniquely can pay for itself from the offsetting revenues of its oil recovery option.

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. addresses All Oil Spill Needs in Three Multi-Billion Dollar Markets. 

  • Direct to the Consumer -- Ideal for leaks and spills from Auto, RV, Motorized Home Equipment and Used Cooking Oils.
  • Commercial Industrial -- Every company with machinery has a need for MOP.
  • International Spill Response -- MOP as the First Response is The Best Option for All Oil Spills on Land or Water.

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