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May 31, 2016 20:27 ET

More Adults Are Opting for Invisalign to Straighten Their Teeth

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 31, 2016) - Today more than ever adults are getting orthodontic treatments to correct their bite or to achieve the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Marneni is reporting a large spike in adults opting for corrective appliances because they are so discreet. Today adults have discreet aligner choices for straightening their teeth like clear aligners, porcelain braces and back of the teeth lingual orthodontics.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists 1.2 million adults received orthodontic treatment in 2014 which is up by 40% from 1996. Dr. Marneni says, "Many adults are trying to stay competitive in today's work environment and having a great smile is very helpful since it is one of the first features an interviewer will see." 

There are some limits with adults and orthodontic treatments, Dr. Marneni recommends Invisalign for adults wanting to straighten their teeth. Invisalign is a straightening appliance that is clear and removable. These aligners sit firmly over the teeth and are changed every few weeks as the teeth shift. Clear aligners work great if it isn't too complex of a case, otherwise a Dr. Marneni may recommend porcelain or lingual orthodontics.

Adult treatment tends to be a little longer than with adolescents according to Dr. Marneni. The average adult treatment time is 24 to 30 months in comparison to 18 to 22 months for teenagers. Adults tend to feel more pain so we usually use less pressure than we do with adolescents. In addition many adults have had other dental work done like crowns and dental implants which makes the procedure more difficult.

Dr. Marneni says, "There is no age limit to a great smile, as a matter of fact we recently had a gentlemen in his 80's get fitted with Invisalign." As long as the gums, bone and teeth are healthy there is no age limit to a great smile.

Dr. Marneni is a Dallas Cosmetic Dentist and graduated from New York School of Dentistry which is very prestigious. Regular training in the advancements of dentistry as well as continuing education are a must with any practice. Dr. Marneni and her staff stay up to date on all of these things. She has more than 300 credit hours which keeps her absolutely current with her techniques, procedures and office technology. Always having a passion to learn and infuse the best practices in her practice keeps Dr. Marneni and her staff on top. This shows her commitment to her patients to always give the best.

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