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July 29, 2011 09:15 ET

More Americans Moving to U.K.; More Germans Moving to U.S., According to Study by UniGroup Worldwide UTS

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - Jul 29, 2011) - UniGroup Worldwide UTS released findings today from the global transportation expert's first international migration study. Data shows that in 2010 European countries topped the list of destinations for U.S. residents moving abroad, consistent with trends over the last ten years. Asian countries, however, appear higher and more frequently on the top destinations list. Similarly, these two areas of the world also send the most traffic to U.S. destinations. The study -- the largest of its kind -- is based on more than 15,000 household goods moves completed in 2010 for major corporations. UniGroup Worldwide UTS is affiliated with U.S. moving leaders Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines. United Van Lines, America's #1 Mover, has released an annual domestic migration study for the last 34 years.

"UniGroup UTS is one of the leading global household goods relocation providers to and from the United States and around the world," said Brian Iles, President, UniGroup UTS. "The data in the UniGroup UTS study provides vital insight into what is happening with overall migration patterns."

Top Origin Countries to the U.S.

1. Germany
2. United Kingdom
3. Switzerland
4. France
5. China
6. Australia
7. The Netherlands
8. Japan
9. Belgium
10. Singapore
11. Italy
12. Hong Kong
13. Mexico
14. South Korea
15. India

Top Origin Countries from the U.S.

1. United Kingdom
2. Germany
3. China
4. Australia
5. France
6. Switzerland
7. The Netherlands
8. Japan
9. India
10. Singapore
11. Malaysia
12. Brazil
13. Belgium
14. Italy
15. Israel


For the fifth consecutive year, the United Kingdom was the No. 1 destination for U.S. residents moving abroad with UniGroup Worldwide UTS. Four other European countries, Germany (No. 2), France (No. 5), Switzerland (No. 6) and the Netherlands (No. 7) also made the top destinations list. The Netherlands has made notable gains on the top destination list, moving from No. 10 in 2006 to No. 7 in 2010. Switzerland also moved up on the list from No. 14 in 2006 to No. 6 in 2010.

Germany is the top country of origin for people moving to the United States. It was closely followed by several other European countries -- The United Kingdom (No. 2), Switzerland (No. 3), France (No. 4), The Netherlands (No. 7), Belgium (No. 9) and Italy (No. 11).

Asia Pacific

China and other Asian countries have demonstrated rapid growth in the number of people who have migrated to and from the United States. In 2000, China was not among the top 10 origin or destination countries. However, in 2006 and again in 2010, China appeared as the No. 3 destination for U.S. residents moving abroad. Japan (No. 8), India (No. 9), Singapore (No. 10), and Malaysia (No. 11) are other popular destinations for U.S. residents. None of these countries appeared on the high ranking list ten years ago but began to emerge as a top destination in the middle of the decade.

Not only are these Asian countries attracting residents to the United States, but they are also sending their population to the United States in record numbers. China received the third most people from the United States in 2010, surpassed only by Germany (No. 1) and the United Kingdom (No. 2).

Australia is the No. 4 most popular destination country for residents leaving the United States. It fell slightly from 2000 when it was ranked as the No. 1 destination.

Central and South America

Brazil (No. 12) is the only Central or South American country to appear on the top destinations list for 2010.

No Central or South American countries made the list for sending high numbers of residents to the United States. Costa Rica and Puerto Rico both appeared on this list in the past, but the numbers of residents leaving these countries for the United States has recently declined.

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Editors note: Attached, for your reference, is UniGroup Worldwide UTS' listing of the top 15 origin and destination countries over the last five years. We have also included inbound and outbound shipment information for each U.S. state.

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