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November 18, 2010 15:30 ET

More Consumers Finding Credit Card Debt Help as Revolving Consumer Debt Falls

Recent Reports Show Credit Card Debt Has Fallen for the First Time Since 2008; Total Debt Relief Explains How Some Consumers Are Finding Credit Card Debt Relief

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - A report announced by the Federal Reserve of New York reveals revolving credit decreased by 12.1%. Credit card debt represents a large portion of this debt. This means credit card debt among Americans is seeing a much needed decline. Consumers are realizing the dangers associated with credit card debt and are doing something about it.

While a portion of Americans reduced credit card debt by saving and diligently paying off credit card debt, there are other Americans who chose the path of professional credit card debt relief. Millions of dollars in debt are eliminated by debt relief programs such as bankruptcy and debt settlement.

For consumers still struggling with credit card debt now is the time to investigate options for getting out of debt. The numbers listed above should be a sign to consumers that credit card debt help is possible. Consumer should realize they're not alone regarding credit card debt. Millions of Americans struggle to maintain their credit card bills. If credit card debt is prevalent, programs like debt settlement aim to reduce credit debt and achieve debt relief.

In certain situations creditors are willing to work with debtors and come to a mutual agreement on paying off a portion of the debt owed as opposed to the entire debt. Debt settlement companies are leading the way in these kinds of negotiations. Established companies have relations with the major banks and creditors backing the credit cards.

When enrolling in a settlement program consumers make payments to the settlement company which will in turn pay creditors. This process does not require bankruptcy.

Consumer should know that these programs will have an effect on their credit score. It is not certain how much a credit score will be affected. While credit scores will be affected, after the program is complete, consumers can begin the process of fixing their credit scores with responsible spending. Some settlement companies have relations with credit repair companies in which they can recommend clients to for credit repair services.

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