Morton Solutions

June 17, 2011 10:20 ET

Morton Solution's MD Lewis Morton Suggests Soft-Selling Gives a Hard Advantage

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 17, 2011) - Direct marketing and outsourcing are two of the largest growing industries in the UK; fiercely competitive both internally - sales representatives can be notoriously ruthless - and externally as if an outsource company has no clients it has no work. When Lewis Morton founded his company, Morton Solutions, it was a challenge he took head on; the company is an outsource company specializing in direct marketing. Yet he seems to have shown little concern for how difficult it could be to stand out, "It's a thriving industry, one of the few to grow during the recession. Of course we have competitors. But we also have confidence and pride in how we go about our business."

The ethos of Morton Solutions is that, in such a populated field, it is customer service that can give them a competitive edge. Direct marketing campaigns are traditionally associated with hard selling and ruthless sales representatives who will mislead and apply duress to hit targets; hardly the image most companies want when outsourcing a company to represent them. "We have to understand that for most customers, there isn't a distinguishable difference between Morton Solutions and the client we're representing; we are perceived by customers to be from the client. Therefore our conduct is paramount. We can't tolerate any unscrupulous behaviour because it reflects badly not only on us but to our clients." What Mr. Morton instead tries to implement in the company's campaigns in the belief that the tailored, positive interaction comes before the need to secure a sale, a notion an odds with the way most marketing companies conduct themselves, "For our clients, it isn't just the increase in revenue and consumer base that attracts them to want to work with us, it's the promise to significantly increase positive brand awareness. This is why we insist on working face to face; it's how business relationships are best formed."

"Ultimately," says Morton, "We have to be realistic. We're not the only company a client can go to and we're not the biggest. We have competitors in our own office building! The way we can separate ourselves is quality of service. We seek to be the market leader in terms of reinforcing a clients brand through our campaigns. The calibre of person we have working on such campaigns is of course reflected by the values we hold as a company; we don't seek the best 'sales people', rather dynamic, ambitious people who are hungry to learn." In such a fast-paced environment, it is refreshing to hear this young entrepreneur talk in such glowing terms about the need to instil real value in the campaigns his company designs. Whilst for most companies the bottom-line figure is all that matters, Morton Solutions offer a means with which to reach that figure without besmirching a clients name or pushing to do more sales. "Selling is about your approach, no one likes to be sold to. But if you're professional and polite and explain what it is you're representing, well, our clients sell themselves. This is why someone from a hospitality or retail background can actually, although not in all cases, bring more to the company; they have the people skills and aren't coming from a background of pressure selling."

With a methodical approach to developing the relevant skills and a promise to invest in people, Morton Solutions' approach to growth is both refreshing and innovative.

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