June 05, 2007 07:05 ET

Most Canadians (84%) Express Concern For Reducing Non-Industrial

Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Energy Editor, News Editor CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - According to a new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid, 84% of Canadians are concerned that reductions be made to non-industrial sources of greenhouse emissions (41% are very concerned and 43% are somewhat concerned). Concern is highest among residents of Atlantic Canada, with reported levels of concern (90%) significantly higher than expressed by residents of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (77%) and Alberta (79%) - Canada's largest producer of oil and gas.

When presented with seven non-industrial stakeholders who might potentially be responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, at least two thirds of Canadians indicated that each group bears at least some responsibility for making reductions.

Considering only very responsible ratings, more than one-half of Canadians (52%) feel Automobile Manufacturers are very responsible, deeming Automobile Manufacturers the most responsible stakeholders for reducing non-industrial greenhouse gas emissions. It is interesting that fewer Canadians are willing to place the onus on themselves, with only 39% holding the opinion that Canadian Drivers are very responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is on par with the proportion who say Municipal/Local Governments are very responsible (38%).

To a lesser extent, Canadian Consumers (33%), Homeowners (28%), and Agricultural Producers (26%) are also believed to be very responsible for reducing emissions. Public institutions such as schools, hospitals and community centres are believed to be the least responsible of the stakeholders assessed for reducing non-industrial greenhouse gases, with 20% considering them to be very responsible; still, fully two-thirds (66%) consider them to be at least somewhat responsible.

Quebeckers are significantly more likely to say all seven of the non-industrial stakeholder groups are not responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared with British Columbians, Ontarians and Atlantic Canadians.

Study Information

These are findings of an Ipsos Reid survey fielded from May 24th to 27th, 2007. For the survey, a representative randomly selected sample of 1,000 adult Canadians were interviewed via an on-line survey. With a sample of this size, the aggregate results are considered accurate to within ± 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had the entire adult Canadian population been polled. The margin of error will be larger within each sub-grouping of the survey population. These data were weighted to ensure the sample's regional and age/sex composition reflects that of the actual Canadian population according to Census data.

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