February 24, 2014 09:30 ET

Most Sought After App Games Domain Goes Up for Sale

Owner Jamie Nickolas Has Officially Announced the Leading App Games Domain Name Is Available for Purchase

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 24, 2014) - Jamie Nickolas, owner of the leading mobile gaming domain, has today officially announced the domain name is up for sale. The app gaming industry has surpassed console game platforms like Xbox and PlayStation, as well as computer gaming, in terms of sales and popularity. This is more than an opportunity - it is a potentially life-changing purchase.

When asked about the potential of the domain name, owner Jamie Nickolas said, "A domain like will give the upper hand to a company in a very big, yet extremely competitive niche. App gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is still on the rise. With the amount of funding going into mobile and app gaming, clearly gives the edge for a company willing to take the lead. The endless possibilities of this domain are very exciting."

With experts forecasting growth in the app games industry to the tune of $82 billion by 2017, purchasing a rare, powerful domain like is a life-changing decision for any game developer, aspiring app store or venture capital company seeking to solidify their place in the app games community.

Nickolas explained the potential offered by the domain by saying, "This is a truly remarkable opportunity for someone to stamp their presence in the mobile or app games industry. I really believe with a strong domain, such as, someone will solidify their presence in the gaming niche and grow into a successful powerhouse."

Game developers, mobile gaming companies and business venture capitalists can all leverage the potential of this powerhouse domain name. is the uncontested leading domain name in the industry, and will allow the owner to achieve virtually any goal, from developing the domain to starting a new sector in the purchaser's respective business.

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About Jamie Nickolas: Jamie Nickolas is the owner of, as well as a longtime consultant for the indie game development industry. Jamie is a gamer with a business background, allowing unique insight into the development and growth of the industry on all platforms, as well as the future of app games.

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