September 19, 2016 06:30 ET

Mota Announces Availability of VR Headset for JETJAT ULTRA Streaming Drone

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - September 19, 2016) - Mota Group today announced availability of a virtual reality (VR) headset for its popular JETJAT® ULTRA™ micro-sized drone.

The TAMO™ VR headset gives users the "feeling of flight," said Mota president and CEO Michael Faro. "The combination of VR with a super-small drone offers consumers a highly advanced drone technology for the first time, along with more fun-per-ounce than almost anything else. We believe virtual reality and drone technology should be available to everyone. That's a foundation of our company and our direction."

Mota has partnered with retailers, including Groupon, to make the ULTRA and TAMO VR headset available worldwide. Users can also order directly from Mota.

Mota believes JETJAT ULTRA is the world's smallest live streaming drone, and only one available in the VR space.

Smaller than a golf ball, ULTRA measures just 1.65 inches per side and barely nudges the scales at .59 ounce.

The diminutive high-performance drone can be had for less than the average coffee maker and serves up a lot more fun.

The ULTRA streams crystal clear first-person video from its 480p camera to the pilot's smartphone from up to 80 feet away.*

Zoom through the backyard, soar up high for a birds eye view, get close in with family and friends -- capture unforgettable footage from vantage points never before possible.

The ULTRA packs big drone features in its tiny frame, with one-touch take-off, auto hover, and autoland. More experienced users can perform aerial stunts like back flips and barrel rolls thanks to its outsized power.

Amp up the thrills with a fully immersive view of flight using the TAMO VR headset.

It lets users virtually perch on the drone for each second of flight using a smartphone as the graphics processor. With a soft fitting foam seal and adjustable head strap, it has independently adjustable lenses for optimum visual comfort. It's compatible with screen sizes up to about 5.5 inches and a variety of eyeglass frames.

The included controller offers selectable right- and left-handed operation, precision joysticks, and expandable ergonomic grips. The ULTRA stores safely inside the controller so people can take the fun anywhere. The ULTRA can also be flown using an Android or iPhone and the JETJAT ULTRA app.

To fly home with a JETJAT ULTRA in black or white, as well as the TAMO VR headset, visit

About Mota Group

Mota Group, Inc. focuses on simplifying the technology in people's lives. Its drone division MOTA develops and manufactures recreational and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and its consumer electronics division TAMO imagines and brings to life stylish wearables, VR headsets, portable power products, and mobile accessories. For more information, visit or, or write

* ULTRA is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones; requires the JETJAT ULTRA app. Range will vary depending on the controller's, drone's, and smartphone's battery charge and condition, environmental conditions, altitude, and flight parameters. TAMO VR headset is not compatible with all smartphones and/or smartphone accessories like screen protectors and cases.

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