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August 12, 2014 09:57 ET

Motion Picture Scanning Services (MPSS) Appoints Software Architect and Industry Legend Greg Passmore Chief Technology Officer

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 12, 2014) - (OTCQB: VGTL) - Renowned defense, gaming and film industry software architect Greg Passmore has been named Chief Technology Officer and is the co-founder of Austin-based Motion Picture Scanning Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of VGTel - 360 Entertainment & Productions.

Mr. Passmore is an industry leader whose three decades of proprietary innovations in computer graphics and image computing span visualization work from the Department of Defense to Hollywood blockbusters. With him, he brings a competitive advantage to MPSS in film preservation, color science and image processing.

Mr. Passmore has developed 3D technology that was used in many Hollywood blockbuster films, including Alice in Wonderland, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the latest Superman installment, Man of Steel. 

"The appointment of Mr. Passmore instantly levels the playing field, and his experience in computer graphics and image processing swings the balance of power in our direction", said Greg Wells, CEO of VGTel - 360 Entertainment & Productions, a multi-tier international entertainment and media enterprise which primarily develops, finances, produces and distributes 4K UHD content.

Mr. Passmore has appeared on ABC News Nightline as an industry expert, and his studio has produced an array of award winning 3D movies, including science and nature documentaries, broadcast television programming and feature films.

The MPSS studio is a world-wide resource for digital scanning of cinematic content from their original film formats. The studio is one of the only specially equipped labs able to scan 65/70mm film designed for the giant screen. Facilities are also in place to apply the same ultra-high resolution technology to the more mainstream 35mm and 16mm film formats. A custom server farm then renders these newly scanned films into 4K Ultra High Definition, and creates the masters for immediate distribution and sale.

Specifically, Mr. Passmore will oversee the ongoing development of proprietary MPSS software for image analysis, rectification and enhancement, implementing a proprietary new tool called PLScan. Designed from the ground up over the last two years, Mr. Passmore has taken thirty years of image processing experience and developed this extraordinary, high-speed, precision tool for managing, enhancing, archiving and distributing UltraHD movies. 

The refined post-production processes, attention to detail and archival film enhancement create a competitive edge for MPSS, whose scanning technology will be instantly recognizable by the resolution, dynamic range and color brilliance of its resulting product. The proprietary technology of MPSS anchors the 360 Entertainment 4K pipeline. MPSS also provides dramatic improvements to films already mastered to 4K digital, either by native capture or scanning, thereby increasing MPSS's industry opportunity. 

In television broadcast, the 4K Ultra High Definition sector is the world's most-aggressive and fastest-growing opportunity. Together with MPSS, this provides VGTel - 360 Entertainment and Productions significant opportunities in the UHD digital entertainment market. MPSS is a cost-effective, competitive resource for film studios, content library owners and broadcasters, offering a swift and economical solution to scan their titles for 4K and master them for immediate distribution.

Mr. Passmore's extensive background is significant to the successful launch, growth and navigation of MPSS. He is both a filmmaker and a technologist with an eccentric style and deep technical background. In the government arena, Mr. Passmore worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Army Research Institute and other government laboratories. In the DoD contractor sector, he worked on simulators for Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Unisys and Command, Control and Communications Corp. In the gaming sector, Mr. Passmore worked on best selling games such as Strike Commander, Ultima, Tiger Woods Golf and a variety of military simulation games. Mr. Passmore's singular focus with such a wide base of customers has been in the technology niche known as image computing, which focuses on the blending of image processing, computer graphics, image capture and post production. Application of image computing to ultra high resolution film scanning is the natural next step in creating solutions for the motion picture industry. MPSS is the benefactor of this combination of technologies required to produce a new, unique, high precision scanning device addressing the rapidly emerging opportunities in 4K UltraHD.

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