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February 25, 2008 13:52 ET

Motor Home & Trailer Show Opens Feb. 27

The largest RV show of its kind in North America returns for the 35th consecutive year to the International Centre in Mississauga

Attention: Assignment Editor, Automotive Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor, Transportation Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO - MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - Feb. 25, 2008) - Buying a summer cottage or ski chalet is way out of reach for most working families these days - but let's say the Jones Family did manage to scrimp and save and buy a small cottage in the Muskokas. Lucky them! Finally - their own cottage! The family is ecstatic. They just get settled in - and the cottage next door sells; the family from "Hell" moves in. The Jones Family dream is shattered.

There's a smarter way - and one that's much more affordable for the average family. If the Jones Family had done some research and then invested in a "Cottage RV", all they would have to do is relocate it to get away from the family from "Hell"! Or just to change the view.

All Cottage RV's are relocateable and relocation is affordable. With over 100,000 sites in Ontario, that "dream location" is easily turned into reality.

For example: when they first invest in a Cottage RV, the young Jones family chooses a lakeside location with a shallow, sandy beach for the toddlers.

As the kids get older and more adventurous, the Cottage RV is relocated to a spot with deeper water that's perfect for water skiing.

Time passes and the kids have kids! The Cottage RV is again easily relocated back to a sandy, shallow beach for the grandchildren.

Now the parents are getting close to retirement and they love their golf. Answer? Relocate that versatile Cottage RV to be close to their favourite golf resort.

When you start considering the versatility of a Cottage RV, you realize that the real estate people are right - location, location, location! With a Cottage RV, you add relocate, relocate, relocate.

Any Cottage RV can be relocated in a wink! Instant delivery! Affordable relocation costs mean it's always where you want it to be - and when you want it there.

Cottage RV's are priced from $30,000 to $175,000 and they are all relocateable.

In addition to the hundreds of folding trailers, campers, motor homes, fifth wheels, and luxury highway coaches, there are over 50 fully furnished, relocateable Cottage RV's on display at this year's Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show. Enter the Hall 4 East entrance or Hall 1 west entrance.

The 35th annual Motor Home & Trailer Show, at the International Centre on Airport Rd. in Mississauga. Starting Wednesday, February 27th at 10am and running through Sunday, March 2nd at 5pm. There is never a charge for parking at the International Centre. For show details, including admission prices and show hours, visit www.bigrvshow.com. For media information: holgerenge@gmail.com
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