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August 06, 2013 14:00 ET

MOTOR Information Systems -- a Technology & Maintenance Council-Recommended Supplier of VMRS Coding

TROY, MI --(Marketwired - August 06, 2013) - Since the early 90s, MOTOR Information Systems has played a key role in developing and maintaining VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) a universal coding language that can be implemented successfully by any industry which must track the costs of maintaining and operation of equipment. MOTOR is a Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC)-recommended supplier of VMRS Coding services, closely collaborating with TMC's VMRS representative in updating and establishing new Code Keys, especially 31-34, for the entire vehicle and parts industries. The VMRS Code Keys are a standard for vehicle, service, labor and parts information for the trucking industry.

MOTOR owns and maintains the largest "all-makes" VMRS-coded parts database and cross-reference in the industry and sells licenses to their utilization in the MOTOR products. MOTOR customizes VMRS coding for vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, parts distributors, business system providers and fleet and repair facilities who use VMRS codes for maintenance and parts use tracking. One-on-one consultation is available to determine how to best utilize VMRS in a customer's work environment to make day-to-day work more efficient.

MOTOR incorporates VMRS coding in its products to provide clear cut tracking capabilities to its customers so they may tie service, parts and labor together. Repair customers can schedule bay/repair time for preventive maintenance or common repairs, identify trends in similar vehicles to provide a heads-up for possible needed repairs the next time the vehicle is in and track parts procurement without regard to actual part numbers. Vehicle and part manufacturers may identify trends on part longevity or failure and more easily track warranty claims. Dealers and distributors may identify stocking needs or cost analysis.

"It is common knowledge that the trucking industry is ten years behind the auto industry with regard to standardization," said Kevin Carr, MOTOR Information Systems' President. "VMRS codes are the truck standard to accomplish what the auto industry has done. MOTOR leads the way by incorporating VMRS into its PartSaver Product and other Truck products to help customers streamline processes, track trends on part longevity and failure, as well as parts procurement. By providing real data, VMRS helps shop owners and fleet managers have the knowledge to make educated decisions."

MOTOR Truck Products using VMRS as a foundation include:

  • MOTOR PartSaver
  • MOTOR Truck Service
  • MOTOR Parts Cross Reference / FleetCross
  • MOTOR Truck Labor

Through database manipulation the VMRS component codes can be tied to labor of vehicle parts and the associated repair procedures may also be VMRS-coded for inclusion.

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