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October 08, 2009 01:00 ET

Motor Trade Insurers Warn Drivers On Insurance Clampdown

WHITSTABLE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2009) - Quote Me Today, one of the U.K's leading providers of motor trade insurance have reacted to news of new measures introduced by the Government to penalise uninsured drivers.

Under the new legislation which was announced recently, motorists can now be fined up to Pounds Sterling 1000 if they are found to be in a possession of an uninsured vehicle. This will affect vehicles which are not used every day, but have failed to be declared as SORN. (Statutory Off Road Notification)

It is currently estimated that there are around two million uninsured drivers on Britain's roads and that these account for 160 deaths each year. In 2007, 150,000 cars were impounded by the police; however, it is felt that this is not going far enough towards tackling the problem.

Following the introduction of these new regulations, police will not only have power to seize and destroy vehicles that are being driven by uninsured drivers, they will have the power to do the same to any vehicles which are not insured or legally declared as off the road.

Ministers are of the belief that these rules will prevent not only those who do not have insurance, but also those without tax or even a driver's license. This is in a bid to reduce the threat of these rogue drivers to other motorists.

A number of safeguards have been put into place to protect law abiding drivers, with the Government introducing a staged warning process. This involves a warning letter being sent out several weeks before any enforcement action takes place. This is designed to allow the motorist to either arrange an insurance policy or declare the vehicle off the road, without incurring a penalty.

A spokesperson for Quote Me Today commented: "This change in policy will affect thousands of law-abiding motorists across the U.K. We would advise all drivers to either ensure that their motor insurance policies are valid and up-to-date, or declare their vehicle as SORN in order to avoid falling foul of this new legislation."

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