April 17, 2011 19:01 ET

Motorist Lack Highway Code Knowledge, Warns Swinton

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 17, 2011) - One fifth of motorists do not know the meaning of basic road signs according to a survey by Swinton Insurance.

The UK's leading high street retailer of car insurance surveyed 1,200 motorists regarding road signs and basic Highway Code knowledge. The survey asked motorists to identify different road signs and only 21% could identify the sign for two way traffic crosses one-way road.

Twenty three percent were able to identify the road sign for level crossing without a barrier, but only 17% correctly recognised the sign for T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right.

The survey also asked motorists about basic Highway Code knowledge and worryingly 27% of motorists questioned did not know the difference between a centre line and a hazard warning line.

The correct definition according to the Highway Code states, "A broken white line marks the centre of the road, when this line lengthens and the gaps shorten this means there is a hazard ahead. Motorists should not cross the white line unless they can see the road is clear and wish to overtake or turn off."

Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton said, "It seems that most motorists look at the Highway Code in order to pass their driving test and don't pick it back up again. However it is vital that motorists are able to identify all road signs and know basic rules of the road to avoid accidents and any resultant motor insurance claims."

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