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November 17, 2016 09:10 ET

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.: Sampling Returns Up to 31,192 g/t Silver on New Zone at the MB Silver Property

STEWART, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Nov. 17, 2016) - Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd (Mountain Boy) (TSX:MTB)(FRANKFURT:9MU) reports that the 2016 exploration program on the MB Silver property has yielded high grade silver-base metal values from grab sampling. Work was carried out on 2 different areas as follows:

High Grade zone: A total of 13 grab samples were collected along the vein which is up to 4 m wide. The zone is exposed along 50 m of hillside. The values varied from 95 - 31,192 g/t Ag, 0.07 - 9.94 % Zn, 0.02 - 7.42 % Cu and 0.03 - 7.36 % Pb. The average values were 4,795.16 g/t Ag, 3.35 % Zn, 0.837 % Pb and 1.38 % Cu. The 2 highest values were 31,192 and 21,400 g/t Ag from a zone of cross faulting cutting the High Grade zone. This new mineralization was exposed along the creek bottom which had been scoured by heavy rains. This new zone has massive acanthite (silver sulphide) stringers over 0.6 m of width.

Mann zone: A total of 17 grab samples were collected from the footwall area of the Mann vein. The vein which is up to 13 m wide has been traced over 200 m of strike and 70 m of height. The values varied from 45 - 12,758 g/t Ag, 0.29 - 22.87 % Zn, 0.07 - 1.0 % Cu and 0.04 - 19.88 % Pb. The average values were 750.48 g/t Ag, 9.02 % Zn, 2.61 % Pb and 0.303 % Cu. Sampling of 3 float rocks in a gulley north of the Mann zone gave up to 582 g/t Ag, 3.93 % Cu and 12.65 % Zn. These values indicate another mineralized zone above the Mann in an area obscured by vegetation.

The zones are barite rich replacement zones that occur 150 m apart. There is a trail to the bottom of the Mann zone that is exposed in a pinnacle of rock that is 70 m high, 15 m wide and along 30 m of strike. Based on previous work, metallurgical testing was conducted on material from the Mann zone. International Metallurgical and Environmental Inc of Kelowna conducted preliminary metallurgical testing on material from the Mann zone in 2003. The laboratory ground the samples and used flotation methods to recover a lead concentrate and a zinc concentrate. The report concludes that a lead concentrate is readily possible with the material from the zone. The maximum lead concentrate grade observed was 48 % lead with most of the diluents being zinc mineralization. The laboratory concluded that the lead concentrate grade would improve beyond 48 % lead with additional changes in reagent additions. The silver grades in the lead concentrate were in the range of 12,000 to 16,000 grams (400 to 500 opt) per tonne silver. Silver recovery is strongly tied to lead recovery. The recovery and upgrading of zinc minerals into a zinc concentrate from the sample was readily accomplished. The final concentrates produced was in this test program was very high and were nearly a maximum for sphalerite. Overall recovery of zinc to a salable final concentrate is expected to be very good in the range of 80 - 85 % zinc recovery. Subsequent to this, the laboratory processed the tails through gravity processes to produce a barite concentrate that is over 90 % BaSO4. This product would be salable as a drilling mud which requires over 90 % BaSO4.

At present a large demand for the mineral barite in the drilling industry in Northeastern British Columbia is met by imports from China and India. The company will study ways to separate and purify the barite mineral which presently sells for upwards of $400/tonne. The silver, zinc, lead and copper concentrate could then be shipped by boat out of Stewart or trucked to smelters in Southeastern BC. Indicated grade for the Mann zone is 29 % BaSO4 based on previous exploration.

The Company announces that Lance Robinson has resigned as a director. The directors thank Mr. Robinson for his efforts on behalf of the Company.

Ed. Kruchkowski, P. Geo., a qualified person under National Instrument 43-101, is in charge of the exploration programs on behalf of the Company and is responsible for the contents of this release. E. Kruchkowski is not independent of Mountain Boy as he is the president and a director of the Company.

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. is a Canadian based mineral exploration company with diverse property and resource holdings around the Stewart region in British Columbia's golden triangle. It owns 20% of the Silver Coin project, a gold-silver-base metals project that has a 43-101 compliant resource calculated. The Company is also exploring silver-base metals on its American Creek and Bear Valley properties as well as copper-gold on their Stewart area claims. For a complete listing of the Company assets and developments, visit the Company website at

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Ed Kruchkowski, President, Director

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