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Move Over Hollywood, Canadians Would Rather Travel With Their Own Northern Stars poll reveals Canadians' ultimate travel companion

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 10, 2012) -

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Have you ever dreamt of taking off into the sunset with your favourite celebrity? today announced the results of its first ever Travel Companion Survey, revealing that 62 per cent of Canadians polled would prefer to travel with Canadian celebrities over some of Hollywood's biggest names. was curious to know which celebrities Canadians dreamt of travelling with, where they wanted to go, and what type of trip they desired, and Canada's own Shania Twain topped the travel charts! According to respondents, 17 per cent of Canadians would like to travel with Shania Twain to Australia (26%) for a romantic (38%) vacation. While it's no surprise talk show fixture, Oprah Winfrey (9%) made the list; she was closely followed by more Canadian talent including Celine Dion (8%), Ryan Gosling (7%) and the CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos (5%).

"Canadians are showing patriotism by the trips they book. Over the last few years, we've seen a trend in domestic travel as Canadians explore their country from east to west, discovering local secrets, natural wonders and unique regional cuisine," says Brian Simpson,'s resident travel expert and trusted guide. "It's interesting to see that we also prefer to travel with our own Canadian celebrities."

When planning a trip, knowing where you want to go and the type of experience you seek is just as important as choosing the right companion. The vast majority of Canadians, across all provinces, would take their dream travel companion on a trip to the Caribbean or Mexico (22%), which offers tourists the types of trips Canadians are most interested in -adventure (23%), relaxation (21%) and romance (20%). continues to focus on these booming island destinations, offering packaged deals throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, including the Cayman Islands for a shipwreck scuba diving adventure; Nassau, Bahamas for tropical tranquility and relaxation, and Montego Bay, Jamaica for playful romance.

Other highlights:

- Canadians are less interested in travelling with some of today's largest pop stars, including Justin Bieber (1%), Lady Gaga (4%), Taylor Swift (5%) and Jay-Z (1%)

- Canadians across all provinces would take their dream travel companion to the Caribbean or Mexico (22%), Europe (20%) or Australia (18%)

- Canadians are least interested in taking a party trip or humanitarian vacation with their celebrity companion (9%)

By region:

- The majority of Manitobans would take their dream celebrity travel companion to the South Pacific (33%) or the Caribbean or Mexico (29%)

- BC residents are most interested in relaxing trips (29%)

- Not surprisingly, the vast majority of Quebecers would travel with Celine Dion (26%) if given the opportunity, compared to only 3 per cent or less of those living in other provinces

By gender:

Canadian women want to travel with:

  1. Oprah (15%)
  2. Celine Dion (11%)
  3. Ryan Gosling (12%)

Canadian men want to travel with:

  1. Shania Twain (24%)
  2. Taylor Swift (9%)
  3. Sophia Vergara (7%)

- Men are far more interested in taking a romantic trip with their dream travel companion than women (32% vs. 7%)

- Females are more interested in taking a humanitarian trip with their dream travel companion than men (14% vs. 5%)

- Compared to females, males are nearly twice as interested in travelling to the South Pacific (13% vs. 8%) and South America (8% vs. 4%) while females are twice as interested in travelling to Africa (10% vs. 5%)

By age:

- Canadians under 34 years old are most interested in trips to Europe (23%) or the Caribbean or Mexico (26%)

- Canadians over 55 are more interested in taking typically frequent trips within North America (16%)

- While overall, party trips are least popular (9%), they are far more popular among the younger generation (16%)

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