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November 23, 2011 15:21 ET

Move Over, Mr. Big-Women Are Now Taking the Lead in Real Estate and Finance

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2011) -

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What do the U.S. Secretary of State, the Chairman of PepsiCo and the CEO of KeyCorp all have in common? They're women. From the boardroom to the bank account, women are responsible for more and more key financial decisions, including those involving real estate.

When it comes to buying property, women are increasingly the decision makers and the statistics bear out the facts. For example, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, 20% of single women are making real estate investments as compared to only 12% of single men.

Guys take note: women are no longer waiting for their ideal man before buying a home; they're taking matters into their own hands and moving in.

At the same time, more than 50% of REALTORS® are also women and the trend continues to grow as women keep building on their role in the real estate industry.

So what explains this sudden surge of girl power in what have traditionally been two very male dominated fields? According to Lee Redwood and Andrew Brest of Sundaybell Inc., an innovative online real estate service matching consumers with their ideal agent, it's a matter of knowing what's important. "It's our opinion that women have a better understanding of the emotional connection buyers and sellers have towards their properties and it's less about the square footage or raw features that a home has to offer." This is also reflected in the listing prices for female REALTORS®, which tend to be higher than those of their male counterparts, for similar properties.

And it's much the same when it comes to exploring financial options as well.

Nielsen data reports that over 85% of women are going online to do research prior to making a buying decision - whether it be a new home, a new car, or even a new pair of shoes. Of these, over 50% trended towards increasing their role in a household's long-term savings plan with the intent of putting away more money for the future. Regardless of age, "women are key wealth influencers and eager for compelling and relevant financial information, with a modern voice" note Susan Misner and Laura McDonald of Golden Girl Finance Inc., an online financial resource created for women by women, to support them into taking control of their financial lives and futures. "It's about getting them engaged in financial content, addressing their unique needs and life stages, and ultimately, helping create true value and wealth creation in women's lives; as the research proves, the optimal way to do this is online."

Indeed, when it comes to both real estate and finance, a simple recommendation from a friend or relative about what to do simply isn't good enough anymore. What's needed is an all-encompassing decision-making process based on research, hard-facts and the emotional connection between what is being shared online. The Internet is providing buyers, sellers and investors with more information and feedback, an individualized look at the big picture and others' opinions, which can be assessed and evaluated prior to making any decisions.

Sundaybell and Golden Girl Finance are two companies that recognize the growing need for good information to help with big decisions. "By staying on top of real estate and financial trends, our companies represent value to a new wave of customers. By providing interesting articles, up-to-date industry trends, and communication portals that are friendly and informative, we're sure to continue offering our users platforms that can assist them with their short, long-term financial and real estate goals," stated both parties.

Lee Redwood, VP Sales and Andrew Brest, VP Marketing, of Sundaybell Inc., would be more than happy to provide further insights into the growing trend of women in real estate upon request.

Susan Misner and Laura McDonald, founders of Golden Girl Finance Inc., are available to share their insights, experience and growing need for consumer-friendly information in the financial and investments area upon request.

Sundaybell Inc. is a company dedicated to supporting homebuyers and sellers through its unique, free to use, anonymous, communication platform. It allows consumers to learn about the real estate process, meet Real Estate Professionals, evaluate available services and commissions, and most importantly, ask questions before deciding to sign a buyer's or seller's agreement.

Golden Girl Finance Inc. is focused on providing its readers and opt-in subscribers with relevant, compelling and accessible financial information, allowing its users to evaluate and elevate their financial knowledge, plan, strategies and goals. It provides information in a fresh, reader-friendly manner, making it engaging and easy to follow so that consumers can make informed financial decisions, and obtain tips from experts that can drive their long-term financial success.

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