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November 09, 2009 15:00 ET

Movember Men! Track your 'Staches on Twitter!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2009) - Riffing on the Twitter lingo "hashtag", which refers to tagging tweets, Blast Radius has built a site called for Movember, the month-long mustache-growing charity event for prostate cancer.

Stachetag - and its UK cousin Tachetag - feature live feeds of Movember tagged photos from Twitter. Movember men can track the growth of their moustaches, categorize their facial hair types, create animations of their day-to-day growth, and raise money for Movember through the site.

"Twitter is really huge, mustaches are in trend, and Movember is a really good cause," says Sean Chambers, the executive creative director for Blast Radius in Europe. "It did feel like a really good time to pull all these things together."

You say potato... I say pot-ah-to

Users can stachetag their mustache type using handy schematics by the UK illustrator and facial hair connoisseur Simon Cook. Little did the team realize what a hairy mess mustache categories were.

"One person might call it a Burt Reynolds and one person might call it a Magnum PI," explains Chambers. And then there are the North American vs. British terms to think about. A "handlebar" mustache in North America is basically the "George Michael" but without the beard. In the UK, it's a different beast altogether. It's similar to the "Imperial" but often waxed and sported by air force pilots.

With three weeks to go until the end of Movember, the clock is ticking and Blast Radius has hit the ground running to spread the gospel of "stachetags" through the web. Chambers does have one big advantage when it comes to approaching bloggers and Movember champions about "Having a huge mustache will definitely help."

How to grow and groom a stachetag website

The idea was born out of a fumble. "I was trying to say hashtags to someone and I couldn't say it! I kept on saying tachetags," recalls Chambers, who has a formidable Imperial mustache on the go for Movember. That's when the penny dropped; in Chambers' native Britain, a tache is slang for a mustache.

The Blast Radius team managed to put the site together in little over a week, using java and the Twitter Application Programming Interface (API). "We're literally just tapping into Twitter and pulling things from Twitter," Chambers says. "Now, because there are so many time zones you see photographs of moustaches coming up all the time."

The site strikes that perfect balance of worthwhile and useless. In addition to building in frivolous (read: totally awesome) features like animations for the moustache photos, Blast Radius hopes the site will increase international awareness for Movember and help participants raise more money.

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