May 22, 2012 09:16 ET

Movik Introduces REACH™ Architecture, the Foundation of the Intelligent RAN

WESTFORD, MA--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Movik Networks, the Intelligent RAN company, today unveiled its REACH (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture, the foundation of its intelligent RAN solution. Exposing real-time intelligence from the RAN, the part of the network that can impact efficiency and QoE the most, enables operators to better plan, manage, and control their most valuable network asset in real time. With Movik's REACH architecture each individual element of the access network, down to the sector, becomes independently visible and controllable, allowing operators to take precise action on a per-sector, per-condition, per-content and per-subscriber basis. The company also announced Movik's LTE Correlation and Multi Radio Access Technology (RAT) platform solution today, based on its REACH architecture.

Despite deploying various optimization, content adaptation, and traffic management solutions, operators are still challenged by a lack of real-time, actionable insight into the mobile network that would enable them to take targeted action rather than treating the entire network as a whole. This leads to inefficiencies in network infrastructure, which drive up wireless network costs and leads to a lower subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE).

"It takes a new approach to deal with the exploding growth in data traffic on mobile networks," said John St. Amand, CEO, Movik. "Current solutions are just not enough. Operators are missing the potential to improve their asset utilization in their networks and lower the cost to deliver traffic at the per bit level. Being able to better utilize the RAN -- the most dynamic and costly component of the network -- is a must as operators look to drive new revenue opportunities through rich media content delivery. Access ARPU alone is not a sustainable business model and rich media content services are heavily reliant on enhanced subscriber QoE. Movik's REACH architecture is designed to specifically address operator's needs for efficiency and QoE today, and as networks scale, meet tomorrow's mobile broadband demand."

Movik's REACH architecture provides the following key functions:

  • REPORT: Movik extracts intelligence from multiple sources including the RAN, UE, circuit and packet networks, content types and deep application awareness. Integrated reporting provides full visibility into applications, signaling, content types, URL/Domains, and TCP/UDP behavior as it relates to time of day, location, device types and other control plane attributes across multiple radio access technologies. Aggregation of this contextually aware information presents cross-layer views of network performance and subscriber QoE in real-time.

  • EXPORT: Movik's RAN aware intelligence is used to trigger real-time actions on an operator's existing policy, content optimization, and traffic management platforms. This passive PCEF (Policy and Charging Enforcement Function) capability exports RAN awareness to the operator's content aware platforms, either directly or through the PCRF (Policy and Charging Resource Function), enabling third party platforms to take specific action as network or UE conditions change.

  • ACT: Movik solutions can act autonomously with a broad range of capabilities from admission control to relevant content delivery. As an active PCEF, Movik can be used to simultaneously reduce traffic to congested sectors while turbo-boosting subscriber connections in unloaded regions.

  • CONTROL: As the only platform to merge content and RAN intelligence, Movik's solutions provide input into multi technology heterogeneous networks (HetNets) including SON (Self Organizing Networks) deployments. Operators can now realize the vision of "optimally connected, anywhere, anytime" by matching the specific needs of subscribers' content and choose the best network, whether WiFi or 3G/4G for specific content or application types.

  • HetNet: Movik delivers a multi RAT heterogeneous overlay network that is optimally loaded across disparate wireless verticals in real-time, based on UE demands to drastically lower an operator's CAPEX and increase subscriber QoE.

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Movik Networks' innovative solutions enable operators to improve their subscribers' experience by intelligently correlating and acting in real-time, on all traffic from the RAN. The company's technology based on its REACH™ (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture, leverages network and content awareness to quickly and easily scale content distribution, establish policies and procedures based on real-time network conditions, and implement traffic management techniques that make the most efficient use of the existing network infrastructure. To learn more about Movik, please visit:

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