June 05, 2012 10:00 ET

Moving Light to the Front Panel With New Flexible Light Pipe and Panel Mount Indicators From Bivar

Comprehensive Product Series Makes Machine to Human Communication Easy and Affordable

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 5, 2012) - To address machine to human communication, in which light is transferred from LED to the human eye to convey a message, Bivar points to its comprehensive family of flexible light pipes and panel mount assemblies. A leading specialty provider of LED indication products, Bivar offers a variety of off-the-shelf and custom solutions to efficiently move light to the front panel in any number of consumer or industrial end-products. Target markets include security, medical, computing, transportation and communication.

Bringing flexibility to designers, Bivar's indication products take into account a number of key considerations including the distance from LED source to panel, size and brightness, type of material best suited to the application, and indoor versus outdoor conditions. To address tough outdoor conditions, Bivar's new series of IP67 rated panel mount assemblies and flexible light pipes are totally protected against dust and immersion up to 1m.

"We take great pride in working with our customers to understand their needs and provide them with fail-safe solutions that are both practical and cost-effective," said Tom Silber, Bivar president and CEO. "From metal to nylon to IP67 rated products that can withstand rugged conditions, our comprehensive family of flexible light pipes and panel mount assemblies can satisfy even the most difficult design challenge and can be used in just about any application."

Bivar's flexible light pipe family makes routing light through crowded or tight spaces easy and efficient. They are suited for a range of applications, including accent and trim lighting for commercial buildings, commercial aircraft and rail cars; panel and cabinet illumination in industrial environments; automotive ambient lighting and contour illumination; wall wash, alcove and back lighting in architectural environments; and signage and advertisement lighting. The flexible light pipes are available in standard nylon, quick mount flexible nylon and IP67 rated metal.

Flexible light pipe features include:

  • Designed for use with Bivar SM series surface mount LEDs, vertical and horizontal mounted 3mm and 5mm through hole LEDs, and Orca R series LEDs
  • Lenses are molded from optical grade plastic, which allows for maximum light transmission
  • A diffused lens provides uniform illumination and wide angle viewing capability
  • Tight bend radius for maximum flexibility

Bivar's panel mount assemblies are designed for a variety of applications from x-ray scanning machines, electrical control panels and instrumental panels, to vending and gaming machines, exercise equipment and outdoor sportsman equipment, to military robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. They are available in standard nylon, quick mount nylon, IP67 rated nylon, standard metal, IP67 rated metal and EMC UL rated metal.

Panel mount features include:

  • Leaded and wired contacts
  • Wide selection of colors, lens appearance and Bivar LEDs from which to choose
  • LEDs are direct drive upon specified forward voltage
  • Housing and lens are comprised of ESD protected material

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About Bivar
Bivar is a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions with a long-standing history of more than 40 years of innovation in the optoelectronics industry. With a global base of customers in 35 countries, Bivar's products are designed to meet the increased demand for point-to-point indication and address a growing range of industrial markets and applications. Bivar's focus is on moving and positioning light. An employee-owned company, Bivar's corporate headquarters are located in Southern Calif., with manufacturing in Calif., China and Taiwan.

Bivar's Asia Pacific production and logistics centers offer scalable capacity, execution, control and movement of product around the world. Bivar is widely supported by a highly-qualified network of authorized representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit

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