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Fisheries and Oceans Canada

July 16, 2008 09:34 ET

MP Fabian Manning Announces Upgrades for 20 Harbours in Newfoundland and Labrador

WITLESS BAY, NEWFOUNDLAND--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - Twenty harbours across the Avalon Peninsula will benefit from infrastructure and safety improvements thanks to an investment by the Government of Canada.

Fabian Manning, Member of Parliament for Avalon, on behalf of the Honourable Loyola Hearn, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans today announced the Government of Canada will invest $6.8 million for projects at 20 harbours on the Avalon Peninsula in fiscal year 2008-09.

"Harbours are essential to the economy of many coastal communities across Newfoundland and Labrador," said Mr. Manning. "Our government's financial support will keep our harbours safe and in good working order so that the people who count on these facilities can use them to the best advantage."

The projects include reinforcing and extending breakwaters; repairing, constructing and extending a finger pier and marginal wharves, installing and repairing floating docks, and dredging. Today's announcement includes the start of new, multi-year projects at Hant's Harbour, Harbour Grace, Heart's Content, Ochre Pit Cove, Portugal Cove South, St. Brides, and Witless Bay.

These projects are being undertaken by Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Small Craft Harbours Program, in close collaboration with the harbour authorities that manage and operate the facilities for local users. The close co-operation with clients allows the Government of Canada to provide a system of harbours and facilities across Canada that support commercial fish harvesters.

The Government of Canada understands the importance of small craft harbours to communities across the country. Since February 2006, the permanent annual funding for the Small Craft Harbours Program has been increased by $20 million, with a further $10 million commitment made in Budget 2008 over two years for repairs and environmental cleanup at recreational and non-core fishing harbours to permit the transfer of these harbours to interested parties.



A total of $1.13M will be spent this year to complete new projects at the following harbours:

Calvert - The channel walls at this harbour have deteriorated over time and are currently in poor condition. A project to reconstruct these channel walls will take place this year.

Carbonear - A project involving advance planning and harbour improvements will take place this year.

Grates Cove - The breakwater has been weakened as a result of recent storms. A project to reinforce the breakwater with armourstone will be carried out this year.

Heart's Delight - A project to complete the installation of armourstone on the exposed face of the breakwater wharf will occur this year.

Heart's Desire - Armourstone will be added to the exposed face of the existing breakwater wharf. This will extend the life of the wharf and provide the necessary protection to vessels using this facility.

Port de Grave - This harbour will benefit from a project to repair floating docks and other facilities.

Riverhead - The basin area has infilled over time and poses a safety concern for vessels entering the harbour. A project to redredge the basin will be carried out this year.

St. Mary's - The finger pier wharf has deteriorated over time and currently poses a safety concern. A wharf repair project will occur this year.

A total of $2.285M will be spent in 2008-09 to commence new, multi-year projects at the following harbours. These projects will be completed with additional funding in future years:

Hant's Harbour - The construction of a breakwater extension and a new marginal wharf will commence this year.

Harbour Grace - To improve accessibility and alleviate congestion at this busy harbour, a basin dredging and marginal wharf extension project on the south side of the harbour will commence this year.

Heart's Content - A section of the breakwater wharf has deteriorated and is currently barricaded due to safety concerns. This year will see the planning, design, and environmental approvals for a future breakwater wharf repair and extension project.

Ochre Pit Cove - Vessels berthed at this harbour are exposed to wave agitation during storm conditions. Plans and specifications will be prepared this year for a breakwater extension project to be completed in 2009. This will provide the necessary protection both to the facilities and the vessels within this harbour.

Portugal Cove South - A section of the marginal wharf deck has deteriorated over time and requires repairs. A project to replace the deck will commence this year.

St. Brides - To alleviate vessel congestion, this harbour will benefit from the commencement of a marginal wharf construction project. In addition, the channel and basin area will be dredged to ensure safe harbour access.

Witless Bay - A project to extend to the finger pier wharf will commence this year. Once completed, fish harvesters will benefit from an improved facility for offloading their catch.

A total of $3.38M will be spent this year on continuing work at the following harbours:

Holyrood - The breakwater wharf has reached the end of its useful life and poses a safety concern for harbour users. As well, the marginal wharf is in need of repairs. A project to reconstruct the breakwater wharf and repair the marginal wharf will occur this year.

Jerseyside - The ongoing marginal wharf reconstruction project at this harbour will be completed this year. In addition, plans and specifications for a second wharf repair project will be prepared.

Old Perlican - With basin dredging having been recently completed, the next phase of development at this harbour will see the construction of a new finger pier wharf to alleviate overcrowding.

Renews - Following the recent completion of a wharf reconstruction project on the north side of the harbour, this community will now benefit from a finger pier wharf extension project. This project will create a safe basin for fish harvesters to berth their vessels. Further harbour improvements will also be carried out on the south side of the harbour. Once completed, floating docks will be installed to increase the small vessel berthage capacity within the harbour.

Southern Harbour - This harbour development project is ongoing and involves the construction of an armourstone breakwater and a finger pier wharf and the development of upland property to better accommodate the needs of the fish harvesters. Upon completion, an old deteriorated wharf within the harbour will be removed.

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