August 27, 2009 16:20 ET

MPL Communications Inc.: Canadian Investment Advisory Outperforms U.S. Competition With an Impressive 138 Per Cent Gain

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 27, 2009) - MPL Communications Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MPZ)

A small Canadian investment advisory is one of the top performing newsletters in the world, according to Hulbert Financial Digest. The Investment Reporter earned top billing with a portfolio of stocks that returned 138 per cent in just six months.

Twice a year, Hulbert, a division of Dow Jones MarketWatch, publishes a comprehensive chart examining the performance of more than 500 newsletter portfolios. In this case, it was measuring performance since the stock market's March 9 lows.

What is most impressive about The Investment Reporter's triple-digit gains is the fact that this quietly-circulated Canadian advisory beat a host of American counterparts at their own game. The portfolio cited by Hulbert consists of "Higher Risk U.S. Stocks."

This is not the first time this Canadian David has prevailed against American Goliaths. The Investment Reporter has been outperforming American and other international newsletters for a quarter of a century.

According to Hulbert's detailed historical charts, since 1984, only two advisories in the world have posted better overall returns than The Investment Reporter.

Given the U.S. figures, it's not surprising that The Investment Reporter also holds the same dominant position in the Canadian equities it covers on a weekly basis. Year to date - again according to Hulbert's figures - its total returns have been 21.5 per cent. Its Conservative stock portfolio has returned 28.2 per cent. And its Canadian Speculative stock selections have done even better, at 29.2 per cent.

The Investment Reporter's total returns have also topped the average Canadian equity mutual fund by a wide margin - 65 per cent in 2009. And its results are 22 per cent better than those of the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

This matches up with Hulbert's long-term figures, which demonstrate that The Investment Reporter has beaten all Canadian equity mutual funds and the TSX for over 20 years.

Founded in 1941 by the late George Armstrong, an early proponent of "value investing", this advisory stands as one of the oldest continuously published advisories in North America.

The advisory is published by MPL Communications Inc., which is Canada's largest provider of independent investment advice. Through its print and electronic services, MPL is Canada's market leader in the publishing of specialized investment advice and information. Among its other publications are the bi-weekly Investor's Digest of Canada, the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser, the Money Reporter, The MoneyLetter, Blue Book of Stock Reports, The TaxLetter and Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street.

Its online advisories include, Buy-Sell Research Reports, Daily Buy-Sell Adviser and

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