SOURCE: Mobile POS, Inc

August 09, 2012 07:00 ET

MPOS, a Complete Wireless POS System, Brings the Point of Sale TO the Customer; A Onetime Charge of $49.50 Through Google Play Store Makes It the Lowest Cost Complete POS System Available Today

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2012) - Mobile POS, Inc., a new Sparks, NV-based company, today introduced MPOS for Android at the Western Foodservices & Hospitality Expo. MPOS brings ALL aspects of POS service to the customer at Tableside. "The Point of Sale is now at the customer," declares Jim Morris, VP Eng and CTO. Servers spend their time with the customer rather than running back and forth and standing in long lines. The back of the house is configured to provide order information through a wide assortment of printers and bump screens all connected through a Local Area Network. 

Says Mark Nishi, VP Finance, "MPOS has the flexibility to allow solutions from Food Trucks to Large Dining establishments." Using a combination of standard "off the shelf" components, systems are configured specifically to serve the needs of any size establishment. The smallest solution, for small cafes or Food Trucks, uses a 7" tablet, (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - $199) combined with a Blue Bamboo Bluetooth Credit Card Swiper-Printer ($250). A onetime charge of $49.50 for MPOS makes this complete system available for under $500. An assortment of Android tablets from various manufacturers can be configured to provide expansion for Server tablets, for multiple wireless printers, or for multiple tablets configured as bump screens. When there is a need for larger bump screens, the tablet bump screen can be connected to a standard monitor of any size. MPOS can direct different order items to different printers or bump screens as required. Bump screens and/or printers can be configured to several different prep stations in the kitchen (hot entrees, cold entrees, salads, sandwiches, etc.) by simply directing those items to the specified printer or bump screen. The same is true for items sent to the bar. Smaller bump screens and/or printers will display specific items or beverages directed to those printers or bump screens for maximum efficiency of operations. When the Server sends any order from the tablet, MPOS automatically directs order items to different parts of the restaurant simultaneously for preparation. A separate expeditor printer may be used in the kitchen which shows all kitchen items. Since the system runs on a wireless Local Area Network, it is not dependent on the Cloud as so many other tablet-based solutions are. If the internet goes down, the system continues without interruption because the individual tablets do not require the internet during normal operation. Cloud services are available for MPOS, but not required for normal restaurant operations.

When it's time for the check, at the table, the Server taps the check button and the check is printed at tableside directly from the Blue Bamboo printer. If the customer prefers to use a credit card, the card is swiped and returned to the customer while the server is at the table. The printer then produces the two receipts commonly used in most establishments today. The server leaves the Credit Card receipts with the customer for them to add a tip in privacy.

With the wireless capabilities of MPOS, there is no need for the server to stand in line anywhere. In fact, there is no reason for the server to leave the dining area and consequently, Servers are always available to their customers. Low cost runners can be used to bring orders to the table, whether from the kitchen or the bar. This includes remote locations such as patio areas, areas on adjacent beaches or even sporting events. Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, the only limit is determined by the time it takes to deliver the food to the customer. Since payment can be made at the time the order is placed, food can be delivered by a variety of means; by foot, bicycle, scooter or any other clever delivery method.

"Restaurant owners can get started for a $49.50 onetime charge," says Casey Powell, CEO, "by visiting Google Play Store to purchase and download MPOS to their tablet."

Mobile POS, Inc., Sparks, NV, was founded by Casey Powell, founder and former CEO of Sequent Computer Systems, Inc, Jim Morris, founder and former CEO of Logic Automation, and Mark Nishi, of Nishi Investments.

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