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May 06, 2009 10:45 ET

MP's Story Underlines Crisis for Caregivers

Dhalla Family and Caregivers Hurt by Waiting Times

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6 May 2009

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MP's Story Underlines Crisis for Caregivers

TORONTO, ON - The encounter of Ruby Dhalla's family with the Live-In Caregiver (LCG) program has brought to attention serious concerns with the processing times of work permits for the LCG program. Regardless of who was responsible for hiring the caregivers that looked after Ms. Dhalla's mother, the issue that is at the root of the problem, says the CCA, is the matter of processing times for work permits.

Caregivers who change employers while in Canada, under the LCG program, are exposed to a number of complications. Nannies who leave a home can wait weeks or months before they receive the documentation. This situation can see nannies moving into the homes of new employers while their processing is in transition. They may start working early too, if they feel they need to secure the help of their employers or, in worse cases, at the direction of an employer who knowingly exploits the caregiver. The available information shows that the Dhalla family was struggling to ensure this process was followed on behalf of their caregivers.

This is a stress that is shared by families throughout Canada - especially families that often need to obtain live-in care for relatives in need immediately. Caregivers may feel that employers are not processing their applications, even when they are attempting to expedite the processing time by forwarding their information to the appropriate department for approval. Regardless of the specifics of any given case, these routine problems hurt caregivers and families alike.

Given these obstacles, the Dhalla family unfortunately was clearly a victim of the slow processing standards for work permits under the LCG Program.

The Canadian Caregivers Association (CCA) is calling for faster processing times, for caregivers abroad, who are coming to Canada, as well as those already in Canada. The creation of a dedicated processing center in Canada is the CCA's preferred option. Regardless of how this problem is resolved, however, the CCA stresses the importance of addressing waiting times to help families and caregivers alike.

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