March 08, 2006 08:30 ET

MPSTOR™ Pre-Announces iBOD™ 4U 48 Drive Intelligent High Density Enclosure on Display at CeBIT

ATLANTA, GA and CORK, IRELAND -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 8, 2006 -- MPSTOR, a developer of high end Intelligent Information Management components, systems and software, is Pre-announcing the iBOD family of 4U 48 Drive Intelligent Tiered Storage Enclosures. Two initial iBOD versions, the iBOD-S SAS-SATA and the iBOD-F FC-FATA will be available for OEM qualification second quarter 2006.

Key Features

iBOD-S SAS SATA -- up to 48 3Gb SAS or 3Gb SATA II Drives

Up to 48Gigabit/sec host bandwidth (16 Channels)

iBOD-F FC FATA -- up to 48 2 or 4Gb FC or 4Gb FATA Drives

Up to 32Gigabit/sec host bandwidth (8 Channels)

Leading Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS Head Ends, RAID Controllers, and Storage Server Compatibility

Dual Density Front Loading Drive Carriers

Mix Enterprise and Nearline Drives in a Single Enclosure

Compact 24" Depth

Cool By Design™

High Efficiency (90%) Single Rail Hot Swap Integrated 450W PSU & Fan Modules

Point of load Power Conversion

Cleaner More Efficient Power

Cooler Operation

Higher MTBF

Lower TCO

Cableless Internal Design

Passive Universal Backplane

Web Management Ports

ISO 9000 Quality

"The MPSTOR design of iBOD is promising. Density always matters along with the ability to handle mixed-media and mixed-speed devices. OEMs always want the most flexible packages so they can quickly adapt to changing customer requirements. If the product works as advertised, MPSTOR may find a long list of vendors knocking at their doors." Brian Garrett, Sr. Analyst, ESG.

MPSTOR is focused on taking the lessons learned from a combined 25 years as senior executives at Raidtec Corporation. The iBOD enclosure starts their path toward developing platforms and technologies allowing OEMs and Integrators to field solutions for a broad range of network storage needs.

"We met with a number of end users, partners, potential customers, and industry analysts in developing the Business Plan for MPSTOR," said William Oppermann, MPSTOR Cofounder. "The iBOD enclosure allows Integrators and Storage OEMs to rapidly deliver systems suited for a broad range of storage needs. Combining the options of Fibre Channel or SAS Enterprise drives with FATA or SATA midline drives delivers greater flexibility for OEMs to deploy leading-edge technology cost effectively."

"The consolidation of the storage industry over the last several years has created a need for component and system suppliers that OEMs look to for timely delivery of latest technology solutions," said Bill Bedford, MPSTOR Cofounder. "Our partnering and OEM/Integrator only business model gives us unique cost and program advantages. We want to work closely with potential OEMs and Integrators and to do that they need the comfort of knowing we will not be in direct competition with them."


Privately held MPSTOR is a leading designer and supplier of innovative leading-edge storage components, enclosures, tiered storage server blades, and management software. MPSTOR adheres to a partnering and OEM/Integrator business model. See for more details.

MPSTOR's philosophy is "People in partnership have the edge. Be with us at the edge!"

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