SOURCE: Metis Real Estate Network (MREN)

Metis Real Estate Network (MREN)

September 30, 2015 10:30 ET

MREN and California Consulting Announce New Strategic Partnership

Introducing Technology Solutions for Public Sector Real Estate Asset Management

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2015) - Metis Real Estate Network (MREN) is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with California Consulting, LLC to collectively provide financially impactful solutions to the public entities in California. California Consulting is one of the fastest growing grant writing companies which has generated over $1.5 billion for clients through state and federal avenues. Together, the two companies will be offering the MREN real estate technology platform that provides owners of public assets with the ability to inventory, manage, and execute multiple types of strategies including public private partnership, capital raise and disposition. It ensures that all information and opportunities associated with publically-owned real estate assets are fully transparent to the public. Ultimately, the result is recognizing, unlocking and maximizing values from real estate assets for the cities, counties, and school districts to expand a new source of funds to better improve the communities.

"MREN is an innovative solution to help the public entities more easily manage their real estate holdings," said Steve Samuelian, Owner, California Consulting. "This platform is going to help a great many public entities including states, counties, cities and school districts, to better understand their real estate portfolio in order to create the most beneficial plans for the communities. Forming an alliance with MREN is a natural fit and truly complements our existing business. We only offer the best services to our clients and MREN shares the same philosophy. We want to help transform communities through opportunity identification, grant-writing and management of real estate assets. We're looking forward to collaborating to bring added-value to both our existing and new clients."

"California Consulting is an impressive firm that has made significant contributions to many communities in California by assisting cities, counties and school districts in maximizing their ability to obtain grants which translates into funds that directly benefit these communities. California Consulting inspired us to bring our knowledge and expertise in real estate from the private sector to better serve our communities in California. We are proud to establish this meaningful strategic alliance with Steve and his team. Collectively, we will enhance financial health for the communities," said Joy Hou, Co-founder and CEO of MREN.

Hou further stated that: "Cities and counties in the U.S. own 10-30 percent of properties in their jurisdictions which represents one of the most valuable asset categories in many entities' balance sheet. In the current environment where many communities are in need of funding, it is critical for them to explore ways to capture the significant value that has been embedded in the dormant assets collected over decades. The challenge these public entities face is the ability to easily inventory asset information and work together to implement necessary strategies to maximize the value of the community assets. MREN supports the communities with the ability to manage all their real estate asset intelligence and track communication and correspondence internally and externally, all in a centralized, secure platform. Representatives can use MREN as a transparent inventory of publicly-owned assets, as well as the ability to aggregate and plan significant development projects that positively impact the communities by creating jobs and tax basis, uplifting the aesthetics of the environment and improving the community."

About MREN (Metis Real Estate Network)
MREN is a global commercial real estate platform that enables all stakeholders to establish their own private market networks. Our enterprise SaaS solution provides for repositories of intelligence to be formalized and interconnected on a deal, organization, and industry level. MREN is modernizing one of the largest industries in the world by resolving the fragmentation challenges at every stage of the real estate investment life cycle including origination, management, capitalization, and divestiture. Our platform empowers both public and private commercial real estate (CRE) professionals with technology support that can free up time, save money, and minimize repetitive processes.

MREN was founded in 2013 by Joy Hou, Co-Founder and CEO, and Floyd Kephart, Co-Founder and Chairman, with a $7 million seed investment secured from a Hong Kong-based family office and active global commercial real estate investor. Ms. Hou and Mr. Kephart collectively represent close to 70 years of experience in the real estate and financial services industries. Our team has been involved in every function throughout the life cycle of real estate and fund investments - from origination to management to exit via divestiture or recapitalization - and understand the practical challenges involved in each phase.
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About California Consulting, LLC
Founded in 2004, California Consulting, LLC has a solid reputation for hard work and a commitment to success for its clients. California Consulting, LLC is the largest grant writing firm in California. With offices in Southern California, Northern California and Central California, we have more than 90 clients statewide. There are 25 experienced team members throughout the state.

California Consulting has developed significant expertise in representing public agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. More than $1.4 billion has been secured for clients since inception, through grant writing and lobbying efforts combined.

Steve Samuelian, Owner, has more than two decades of experience working with government agencies, including 8 years as District Director for a U. S. Congressman. Additionally, Mr. Samuelian served in the California Legislature. The company has a professional team of governmental affairs advocates and grant writers to successfully serve our client's needs.

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