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August 19, 2008 08:00 ET

MRops Signs Deal With Optimus to Gain Data Quality Differentiation

Optimus™ Eliminates Duplicates and Respondent Fraud in High Value Market Research Projects Such as B2B and Healthcare Surveys

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2008) - Today the Optimus team announced MRops has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Optimus to provide improved survey data quality to their clients. Optimus™ is a patent-pending technology tool, linked with a unique Optimus™ Research Database, used to vastly improve the quality of online sample data. MRops specializes in B2B and healthcare research where it is not unusual for them to pay respondents $50 to $200 for their valuable time to complete surveys on behalf of their clients. These high value incentive payments attract fraudulent survey takers which reduce the overall quality of the data collected and costing client's money. Optimus was selected over competitive tools due to the fact that it is an independent solution that can be applied to any survey using any sample source. With Optimus, the sample quality controls are now in the researcher's hands allowing them to carefully monitor the quality of sample coming from all sample partners. It is important to note that the independence of Optimus is maintained by not collecting any personally identifying data on respondents.

"One of the main reasons we selected Optimus over competitive tools is the fact that it is an independent solution that we can apply to any survey using any sample source. With Optimus, the sample quality controls are now in our hands allowing us to carefully monitor the quality of sample coming from all of our sample partners," said Ian Kiernan, president and founder of MRops. "In addition to our existing quality management controls (selecting high quality sample sources, implementing traps in our surveys, identifying speeders and straightliners); we are utilizing Optimus as an additional layer to improve the quality of data that we are delivering to our clients."

The Optimus™ tool has been tested by more than 25 of the Top 50 Honomichl market research firms and has been found to reduce duplication in survey response and fraudulent response rates. Optimus technology is based upon a proprietary algorithmic method to identify and 'fingerprint' a unique computer and user for the purpose of accurate measurement of individual online response. This technology is linked to a unique database, the Optimus Research Database, which maintains information on habitual violators without using personally identifiable data. All respondents are checked against this database every time the tool is used.

"We are excited to have a company with the integrity and reputation of MRops as an Optimus strategic partner," said Murtaza Hussain, ceo, Peanut Labs, developer of Optimus™. "It is gratifying that we can continue to provide an independent tool to the market research industry to improve online data quality across all sample sources."

Currently 40 firms are using Optimus to improve their survey data quality and 10-15 new users are added every month.

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