March 01, 2011 12:10 ET

mSIGNIA Provides Dynamic Device Identity for Securing Cloud Services Over Mobile Devices

Simply, Safely and Reliably Identifies the User to Mobile Online Services

PALM DESERT, CA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) - mSIGNIA, Inc. today at the DEMO Conference announced availability of the mSIGNIA Dynamic Device Identity mobile platform. The mSIGNIA offering provides a dynamic device identity that authenticates mobile users to cloud services by uniquely identifying their device using a very wide range of hardware, firmware and software elements found on the device. 

The patent-pending mSIGNIA dynamic device identity anticipates changes to the device caused by updates and natural usage of the device and virtually eliminates false negatives that block valid users from a service. As users engage in mobile services that put THEM online and at risk; a safe, reliable method for authenticating users to cloud services protects both the user and service.

Key Features and Benefits of mSIGNIA Dynamic Device Identification Platform Include:

  • Simple User Experience -- no difficult passwords to remember or type, the device is invisibly authenticated and the user can be asked to PIN into the device only if required by the service; all mSIGNIA protected services can be automatically reconnected to a new device when it is registered by the user

  • Unparalleled Security -- using a wider range of hardware, firmware and software identifiers delivers a very accurate device identity that is more difficult to spoof, especially as some values are not static but are expected to change

  • Patent-Pending Reliability -- anticipating changes to the device delivers a tolerant, yet secure authentication with virtually no false negatives that anger users and clog customer support services

  • Service and Data Separation -- delivered as an integrated part of the mobile app, mSIGNIA's 'Foundations' help protect the app, encrypt service data stored on the device and allow the service to react without affecting others; should data need to be wiped, only the app's data is affected, not the user's other information such as their pictures or messages

"Together, co-founder George Tuvell and I have led both the largest and the most innovative mobile security companies in the world," said Paul Miller, CEO of mSIGNIA. "Online services were the ones asking for protection on behalf of their mobile users. mSIGNIA's patent pending Dynamic Device Identification protects the online service provider's mobile app, their service and the user. With mSIGNIA offering a secure Foundation for online service providers, users have the confidence to engage in mobile services and an easy, safe way to stay connected."

The patent-pending mSIGNIA Dynamic Device Identity contains a client Foundation running on the device delivered as part of the app. In 2010, IDG reported there were nearly eleven billion mobile applications downloaded. Any online service that requires a password can benefit from the simplicity and security of mSIGNIA's Dynamic Device Identity. The mSIGNIA foundations are managed by mSIGNIA's cloud service which anticipates hardware, firmware and software changes to the device including heuristics for user and software prediction. A Foundation supporting Android devices is available next quarter with Foundations for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian available later. 

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About mSIGNIA, Inc.
mSIGNIA uses a patent-pending dynamic device identity to revolutionize access to cloud services across the leading mobile platforms; making cloud services safer, more reliable and easier for both the user and online service provider. As a user's device represents them online, mSIGNIA uses the device to securely identify the user to the cloud without the need for passwords.

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