June 14, 2011 14:53 ET

MSPACE Announces Strategic Partnership With TUOHY Furniture

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Jun 14, 2011) - NeoCon 2011, Merchandise Mart,Chicago, IL -- MSPACE CEO and President Ryan Heining announces MSPACE's strategic partnership with TUOHY Furniture Corporation. MSPACE and TUOHY are both Minnesota based companies brought together by their common values and focus on providing the very best conferencing solutions for clients worldwide. These two companies recognize the need for a truly immersive conference solution that is elegant, efficient, and affordable. From this collaborative partnership emerged the co-engineered and co-designed Zi Collection conference experience, presented for the first time at NeoCon, 2011.

Utilizing Polycom Immersive Telepresence technology, MSPACE integration and engineering, and TUOHY high end design capabilities, the Zi Collection was born. This collection presents an elegant, immersive telepresence solution that masterfully conceals the technology required for high-definition broadcasts while allowing the room to instantly convert to conference and boardroom activity. The Zi Collection offers full accommodation of conference technology in a slim 15-inch deep foot print. All equipment is fully concealed when not in use, offering no visual clue that the room is limited to anything but a wide variety of activities for conference, workplace, and hospitality.

"People, Design, Technology and Furniture have been at the forefront of our Vision at MSPACE for the past ten years. Our strategic partnership with TUOHY fully realizes these four key elements, providing clients with the very best immersive technology and furniture in the industry. TUOHY is recognized as an industry leader in case goods in the executive office space and Zi clearly exceeds anything in the immersive telepresence market today. We are grateful to partnerwith such an extraordinary company."Ryan Heining, CEO and President, MSPACE

"High definition video broadcast advances teleconferencing to a life-like, immersive experience. This telepresence technology brings a level of sophistication and elegance to corporate collaboration and conferencing not previously attainable. Our collaboration with MSPACE ensures the highest level of coordination between technology and furniture, ensuring that the client's commitment to productivity, efficiency and elegance are safeguarded." Bernard Tuohy, VP of Marketing Design, TUOHY Furniture

About the Companies:

MSPACE is a global, telepresence and audiovisual systems integrator. MSPACE specializes in a wide range of services including unified communications implementation, audiovisual system installation, user training, maintenance, and managed service for complete room operational support. MSPACE, Simplify Technology and Extend Your Reach.

TUOHY is an international design and manufacturing company, committed to bringing elegant and productive solutions to workplace environments. Specializing in executive private office, conference and lounge seating areas, TUOHY offers a rich palette of materials and resources, with a hallmark emphasis on fine woods.

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