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March 17, 2005 13:09 ET

MTG-Engineering Ltd Launches the Unique, Life-Saving MILS-System



MARCH 17, 2005 - 13:09 ET

MTG-Engineering Ltd Launches the Unique, Life-Saving

HELSINKI,Finland--(CCNMatthews - Mar 17, 2005) -

The Only Intelligent, Dynamic Control and Guidance System, with Remote
Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities, on the Global Market

MTG-ENGINEERING LTD (MTG) today announced that it has started to
globally offer its patented, totally unique MILS®-System, in order to
save lives, and to protect people and property by improving safety and
security with real-time information.

MILS®: Modular Intelligent Life-Line, Low Location Lighting, Logistic

Low Location Lighting (LLL), of which the MILS®-System is an example,
is the general industry name for escape and emergency path lighting. The
demand for safety and emergency systems has risen steadily during the
last few years. Recent tragedies have substantially increased the need
for intelligent safety and control systems to provide critical rescue
information and guidance, and effective emergency lighting.

The MILS®-System has been developed for use in various business
sectors, such as the marine & offshore sector, the aviation industry,
office buildings, hotels, hospitals, tunnels, manufacturing plants,
warehouses and leisure/shopping complexes, as well as transportation and
automotive system solutions.

"Current passive emergency systems which are used nowadays, cannot adapt
to changes in conditions and do not provide enough light, guidance, or
information required for people in danger. This is why MTG-Engineering
has developed the MILS®-System, which is the only intelligent, dynamic
control and guidance system, with remote monitoring and reporting
capabilities, on the global market", says Leo Hatjasalo, CEO of MTG.

The main components are the thin (2.0 mm!) illuminating guiding stripes
and bright, diffractive optic (DO) based interactive guidance signs
that, together with the control software, can guide and control people
both in emergencies and normal daily activities to any direction or
location desired, in traffic, public spaces or industries.

The running active guiding-light effect in the stripes (the
MILS®-Stripe) is generated by super bright, long-lasting micro-leds
that offer speed variations and active directional indication, or a
continuous illuminating effect.

In addition, the MILS®-System offers superior product features in
terms of material and functional requirements. For example, the
MILS®-Stripe can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as the
product is completely waterproof. It is flexible, strong, and impervious
to gases.

The MILS®-System can easily be interfaced with other existing systems
(e.g. fire alarm systems), is user friendly, and guarantees very low
power consumption.

Mr. Hatjasalo concludes: "The MILS®-System is the most reliable,
fastest and safest way to guide people in extreme conditions, and in
daily human processes. Our intelligent MILS®-System saves lives, makes
our daily life easier and safer, and minimizes material losses."

About MTG-Engineering

The MTG-team has been involved in the lighting and information business
for over 20 years. During that time, the team has researched and
developed, designed, and industrialized lighting and information systems
for public spaces, as well as for some of the most demanding marine

The MTG-team specializes in microelectronics, nano, polymer, fibre optic
technologies, diffractive optic (DO) engineering, specific injection
molding techniques, and highly advanced light processing engineering.
This wide area of knowledge has enabled the creation of the unique

MTG's Vision: "We save lives, and protect people and property by
improving safety and security".

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