February 27, 2009 13:00 ET

Mufin Launches the mufin player, World's First Media Player With Sound-Based Music Management and Music Discovery

Free Media Player Features mufin's Unique Audio Fingerprinting; Lets You Take Control of Your Music Library and Expand Your Musical Horizons

BERLIN--(Marketwire - February 27, 2009) - Mufin is giving music lovers an entirely new way to manage, enjoy and discover new music with the beta launch of the free mufin player.

The new mufin player is the world's first media player to use the unique sound of songs to sort your music library by sound and recommend music.

Mufin employs an advanced music fingerprinting technology that originated at the Fraunhofer Institute, the inventor of the MP3 format. Mufin creates a unique 'fingerprint' for each song based on more than 40 characteristics including tempo, instruments, sound density, and rhythm structure.

Mufin's soundsort leverages these audio fingerprints to uniquely organize music by sound, instead of the typical method of sorting music by artist or title. While other media players put Coldplay after Cher, mufin shows tracks that match musically. By managing music libraries by sound similarity, users can find the track with the right sound as quickly as possible -- even with thousands of music files.

Mufin's autoplaylist creates perfect playlists to match any mood in seconds. Users simply select any track (even self-produced songs!), click "create playlist," and mufin automatically builds a playlist with tracks that match musically -- uncovering hidden gems in any music collection.

In addition, the mufin player enables music lovers to discover new music in ways that weren't possible before. The mufin player is connected to's unique sound-based recommendation engine and its database of over 5 million songs, giving the user song suggestions that sound similar to a selected track. Users can preview, buy and download any recommended track. The mufin player further integrates with -- putting recently played tracks on a user's discovery dashboard.

In addition to the sound-based recommendation, autoplaylist and soundsort, other features of the beta release include:

--  Auto-tagging to fix incomplete song information like artists or album
    name using mufin audioid
--  Ability to import and burn audio CDs
--  Support for MP3 format, as well as WAV, CD-Audio1, WMA, OGG Vorbis,
    ASF, or FLAC for playback and encoding
--  MP3 player sync (MTP device support)

The free mufin player beta is available at Simply download the media player, and you'll be ready to discover great new music and find the right tracks in a flash.

About mufin:

Mufin's music technology is based on DSP analysis and fingerprints, which identifies, introduces and showcases music from all over the world to people looking for something new and specific to their taste. With mufin's music recommendation and recognition technology, only the sound of the song matters and not its popularity, origin, or subjective grouping. Mufin empowers companies to monitor music usage and help their customers rediscover and manage their music collections in a new way using automated playlist creation, visual music navigation or automatic repair of incomplete or missing meta information in digital music files. Mufin's recommendation and recognition technologies work where your music is, whether it's on the desktop, online or mobile device. Founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute and located in Berlin (Germany), mufin is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MAGIX AG.

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