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January 12, 2016 09:00 ET

Multi-Channel Direct Response Agency Koeppel Direct Delivers Infographic Uncovering Contemporary Political Campaign Spending Activities in the Digital Age

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2016) - Politicians on both sides of the aisle spend countless millions of dollars each year to simply increase their odds of a successful re-election. Others fundraise virtually non-stop in order to add to the coffers of their respective party and ensure the future success of their group. But what are these dollars spent on, exactly? The answer is -- a wide variety of politically-relevant expenses. To delve into the realm of political campaign spending in the digital age, the Multi-channel direct response agency Koeppel Direct has crafted a unique and insightful new infographic that highlights several important areas of interest.

Looking at a decade of data, it is quite interesting to note that political fundraising totals between the two main political parties are fairly similar -- just under $182 million for Democrats and $202 million for Republicans. Spending draws parallels, too, with Democrats unleashing more than $154 million on campaign-related expenses, and Republicans opening their wallets to the tune of $164 million over the past 10 years.

The infographic also reveals some striking information related to the campaign spending of the leading Presidential candidates -- comparing Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump is quite telling, in fact. Clinton raised $77.5M in 2015, and spent $25.8M in Q3 2015 alone. Trump, on the other hand, raised just $5.8M in 2015, and spent a miniscule $1.4M. Looking at Clinton's Q3 marketing spend versus Trump -- she outspent him by a factor of nineteen! Trump simply spends less and seems to get more coverage than most of his contemporaries. Is that a smart media and marketing approach? That's for the pundits to decide!

Even more insightful, though, is that both groups designated nearly half of their total spending budgets to Media buys. This points to the importance of media when it comes to persuading the public during a political campaign. Political candidates spend significant amounts on network television ads, direct mail, radio spots, cable TV, online/digital ads, and other local channels. The infographic also details several intriguing and politically-focused trends and moments related to political media throughout the past 100 years.

Regardless of whether individuals consider themselves as Republicans, Democrats, or somewhere in between, it is important to know that campaign spending has reached new heights -- and the media buys that correlate to nearly 50% of a candidate's spending budget create much of the candidate's persona.

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