September 18, 2006 13:35 ET

Multi-Language Features of MIR3 Intelligent Notification Extend Reach for Global Operations and Citizen Emergency Notification

New Features of MIR3 IN v2.7 Support Multiple Languages, Expanded Import/Export Capabilities and Enhanced Usability

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- DRJ Conference -- Attendees at this week's Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Conference in San Diego, Calif., will see demonstrations of the integrated multi-language features of the new MIR3™ Intelligent Notification™ (IN) v2.7 platform. This new capability enables Global 2000 companies to meet the communication challenges of international operations and government agencies to communicate with non-English-speaking citizens during emergency situations in their native language.

MIR3 IN v2.7 also offers enhanced import/export capabilities and a host of data management and usability features designed to lower communication costs and shorten notification cycles.

Multiple-Language Support Broadens the Reach

In addition to two-way communication to multiple users and devices across all communication platforms, MIR3 IN v2.7 now gives instant access to multi-language capabilities. Used to communicate important enterprise messaging such as an organization's policies, as well as alert citizens during life-and-death emergencies, the latest version of the MIR3 IN platform supports English (U.S.), English (U.K.), Spanish, French, and German.

Today, most automated telephony systems prompt a non-English-speaking user to "press number 1" to hear a recorded message in another language. Normally only one language is offered as an option. In contrast, the MIR3 IN v2.7 platform sends notifications in one of five language options, which is automatically determined by the preferred language of each potential recipient.

Setup is easy. A language option for each recipient is selected on the user profile. Notifications or emergency alerts are created in all supported relevant languages. If delivered via voice, the MIR3 IN v2.7 platform uses the TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine appropriate for the selected language for the associated message. Response options and prompts that direct an action from the recipient are delivered in the same language as the message.

"During emergencies, it's vital that local and federal agencies communicate with citizens in their native language to reduce misunderstanding and panic," said David Leibow, executive vice president at MIR3. "Companies that are expanding into emerging global markets also need to easily communicate in the languages of their regional and country offices. The multiple-language, interactive MIR3 IN v2.7 platform is the ideal medium for disseminating and tracking critical information to and from all communication modalities worldwide."

Powerful Import/Export Functionality Saves Time

The MIR3 IN v2.7 platform also offers a powerful automated approach to importing and exporting contact lists from and to other applications. The new functionality reduces the time it takes to "scrub" data or add missing data after an import or export.

The MIR3 multi-modal, interactive IN platform is the leading consolidated enterprise-grade platform for the rapidly emerging Enterprise Intelligent Notification market.

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