June 01, 2011 08:45 ET

MultiCell Technologies and Neo Media Patents Upheld While Brainy Brands Continues to Grow

Quick News from MultiCell Technologies (MCET), New Media Technologies (NEOM) and Brainy Brands (TBBC)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 1, 2011) -MultiCell Technologies (MCET) has announced that the US Patent office has issued its company a worldwide exclusive license that relates to the isolation and use of human liver stem cells to treat liver disease. The clinical stage biopharmaceutical company is hoping to help patients who suffer from irreversible liver disease. The company is hoping to help diseased patients using its patented methods. MCET closed at .02 (356.52%) on a trading volume of 530,122,164.

Neo Media Technologies (NEOM) "Barcode Gate" seems to be over as the US patent office has reviewed and upheld the company's patents, clearing the way for future business opportunities. The ruling should pave the way for NeoMedia to unleash its barcode offering to other vendor partners around the world. To start with the company wants to license its technology to vendors in the North American marketplace and it recently announced that they have a number of IP licenses in place in the United States.

This positive news hasn't been enough to allow its stock to keep its momentum and NEOM closed at .09 down from a high of .23 (-56.62%) on a trading volume of 2,304,400 shares.

Brainy Brands (TBBC) announced today that it has enhanced its line of children's educational videos and products with a new addition to its product line-up, The Brainy Baby® "Bundle Pack" collection.

The new collection is in addition to the companies "Lifetime of Learning" system and is taking a new and innovative approach to early childhood education and incorporating technology with old-fashioned products that suits every child and parents needs. Brainy Brands (TBBC) closed -.02 at 1.57 on 2,200,000.

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