July 23, 2014 13:01 ET

Multimedia Update: VapeRev Executives Address the Myths and Misinformation Put out in Public From Those Who Group 'Vapers' With Smokers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - July 23, 2014) - In March 2014, the administrator of a popular vaping forum called Vapourlites (whose tagline is "Don't Smoke Just Vape") spelled out the great dichotomy that has arisen with the rising popularity in recent years of vaporizers -- commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

In a written piece called "5 Shocking Myths About Vaping Debunked," five myths are listed: 1) Electronic cigarettes contain anti-freeze; 2) Nicotine causes cancer; 3) Vaping is just as deadly as tobacco cigarettes; 4) Vaping is a gateway to tobacco smoking; and 5) Second-hand vapor is a threat to bystanders.

These untruths have manifested themselves this year in local ordinances in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, near the home base of VapeRev, a fast-growing Southern California-based vaping shop and distribution company that is a groundbreaking force in the worldwide cultural phenomenon. With its vast selection of high-quality "mods" and "e-juice" flavors, the multi-faceted company has redefined the experience for vapers in SoCal and beyond.

In April 2014, a ban on vaping (a term used to describe the act of using an e-cigarette) in bars, restaurants and other public areas took effect throughout the City of Los Angeles. In June, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved the drafting of an ordinance to regulate vaping.

VapeRev Chief Communications Officer Amber Lee says, "I think the next step should be addressing how our government is going to protect the rights of American vapers. Currently the ordinances only allow vaping to take place in designated smoking areas, which forces vapers to be around and breathe second-hand smoke regardless of the lifestyle changes they've made. Vapers have the right to not inhale second-hand smoke too, but by limiting where vaping is permitted the individual's right to decide no longer exists."

Celina Tompkins, VapeRev's Media Director, agrees that the idea of forcing vapers to be in the same area as smokers is ridiculous. "I understand the concerns of long-term effects related to vaping or 'second hand vape' can't comfortably be dismissed yet since e-cigarettes are relatively new, but it's important for companies like ours to address the issues that are being overlooked."

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