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December 16, 2009 14:03 ET

Multiple Vendors Jump on Storm of Hottest Internet and PC Trends With Wireless Laptop to HDTV "Killer App" of Wireless USB

Products Now Available in Leading Online Stores and Retail Chains

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2009) - Wisair, a leading vendor of Wireless USB single chip based solutions, announced today that over 10 consumer-electronics vendors are now offering "Wireless Laptop to HDTV" products using its WSR601 CMOS single chip. Enabling users to wirelessly watch any laptop content and any Internet web site on their HDTV, these products capitalize on the hottest Internet usage trends (viewing online video and TV), hottest PC trends (smaller form factor laptops storing personal content) and the popularity of HDTVs, all together creating a huge demand for wireless connectivity between the laptop and the HDTV.

Wisair's customers offering the "Wireless Laptop to HDTV" products include Source R&D (Warpia), Lenexpo (Atlona) and Cables Unlimited in the USA, Olidata, Digicom, XEL (Q-Waves) and More Monitors in Europe. Other customers of Wisair offering additional Wireless USB solution include Fujitsu, Hama and Display Solutions in Europe, InFocus in the USA, Witech in Korea and others soon to be disclosed.

Products are now available in leading online stores and retail chains, such as Frys, TigerDirect, Amazon, PC World, Staples,,, Dixons and others, with price range of $129-$149 (USA), 109-119 Euro (Europe) and 99£ (UK), for a complete "Wireless Laptop to HDTV" set.

Wisair has shipped 300k units of its CMOS single chip in the past year alone and already sees a sharp incline in its orders for 2010, which is expected to be the booming year for Wireless USB with the "Wireless Laptop to HDTV" connectivity being the clear "killer app".

Internet and PC Usage Trends Call for Wireless Laptop to TV Connectivity

--  Internet has become the number one source for video and other types of
    content. Watching online video outranks many other online activities today
    (amongst American adults, more than 60% of Internet users watch video
    online). Television channels, news clips and a myriad of video clips, from
    pure fun to product user guides, all are available at online popular sites
    such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, MLB, etc.
    Recently, for the first time for a show this size, a U2 concert was
    streamed live online and about 100 million users  watched it in its
    entirety for free... on YouTube!
--  Laptop PCs are more popular than desktop PCs. The market share for
    laptops is increasing at the expense of desktop PCs.
--  Laptop PCs screens have become smaller. While mobility is enhanced
    with smaller-sized laptops/netbooks, it becomes ever harder to watch
    content for a long period of time or share content with others, due to
    small screens.
--  Laptop PCs store personal information. Photos from our digital still
    cameras, clips from our camcorders -- they are all stored in our laptop
--  HDTVs have become affordable and very popular. With their digital
    interfaces, flat TVs, which are now commonly found at homes and offices
    alike, enable new user experience and displaying of content far beyond
    traditional TV channels via cable or terrestrial broadcast.

Wireless Laptop to HDTV Product Features

--  Universal solution - small size PC Adapter connects to a USB port
    available in all laptops, and A/V Adapter connects to an HDMI port,
    available in all flat-panel TVs.
--  Unlimited content - whatever you can display on the laptop screen you
    can watch on the TV, including ANY Internet web site, online movies, online
    TV channels, downloaded movies, camcorder clips, personal images,
    documents, etc.
--  Display mode that allows viewing different content on your laptop
    screen and TV screen; continue working while your children watch an online
    movie or online TV channel.
--  HD video
--  In-room operation (full room coverage, not through walls)

Supporting Quotes

Jeff Ravencraft, President and Chairman of the USB Implementers Forum:

"Wireless USB is a great technology to address the emerging trend of PC and home theater convergence. The launch of new consumer products based on Wisair's Wireless USB solution by several vendors around the world as well as in leading online stores and retail chains, demonstrates the consumer demand for an easy to use, high data rate, wireless connection. Wireless USB delivers the performance and capabilities required for a new generation of products that allow consumers to extend their PC experience into the living room."

Lisa Arrowsmith, Market Analysts at IMS Research

"The clear trends of how Internet content is consumed by users, the small form factor of laptops and the popularity of flat TVs, call for a convenient, easy to use wireless connection between laptops and TVs. This is where Wireless USB plays a lead role as it allows for such connectivity even with heavy content. Size and cost are low and it operates simultaneously with the wireless home or office network. This is why 'Wireless Laptop to TV' could well be the killer application for Wireless USB. Wisair's Laptop to HDTV solution enables vendors to offer what seems to be one of the coolest products in 2009, with great potential for 2010."

David Yaish, Wisair President and CEO

"We see huge demand for our Wireless Audio-Video solution in a growing number of vendors who wish to launch Wireless Laptop to HDTV products based on it. Users clearly require this product, as there is no simple way to connect any Laptop to any HDTV, and to get access to the ENTIRE Internet On TV. Wisair will be offering enhanced versions of this solution, including support higher resolutions of Full HD and beyond and also MAC OS for Apple platforms. Our current solution is a perfect fit to today's HD content availability for PC, the mainstream laptop configuration and the video capabilities of fast Internet."

Wisair @ CES 2010

At the coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES, January 7th-10th in Las Vegas), Wisair will demonstrate "Wireless Laptop to HDTV" products that have recently been launched to the market based on its Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set Solution. Wisair will be exhibiting at the Hilton Las Vegas in its hospitality suite #4-106 (located in the north tower).

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