March 13, 2007 12:43 ET

Municipal Wireless Expert Forecasts Big Increase in Canadian Projects in 2007

Canadian Cities and Provinces Appear to Be Surging to Keep Pace With Their Southern Colleagues' Muni Wireless Projects, Based on Feedback From the Recent Wireless Cities Summit in Toronto

OAKLAND, CA--(CCNMatthews - March 13, 2007) - Craig Settles, the Summit Chairperson, author of "Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless" and industry consultant, met with many of the 200 officials and staff from local and regional government. He offers these conclusions based on their Summit feedback:

-- Local governments' collective understanding of, and interest in, muni
wireless is at the level of their U.S. counterparts in early 2006.
-- Canadian cities should benefit significantly from the extensive -- and
often painful -- experiences of U.S. governments, receiving greater gain
for less pain.
-- While digital inclusion is important in some areas, many officials see
the networks' potential to reduce costs in government operations as a major
justification for these initiatives.
-- Some Canadian cities show real creativity at financing networks that
U.S. cities should study, with Fredericton, New Brunswick using one
particularly noteworthy business model. Vancouver has the opportunity,
should it so choose, to use the 2008 Winter Olympics to prove out the value
of soliciting corporate sponsorships to underwrite large portions of these
network costs.
-- Together with one-number portability that begins tomorrow, municipal
networks combined with voice over IP (VoIP) should exert significant
pressure to force price and service changes by incumbent telcos that
benefit consumers.
-- The June Wireless Cities Innovations Forum in Vancouver should see an
even greater level of interest and more projects being launched by
attending governments.

Mr. Settles lays out key issues and predictions of muni wireless developments in this podcast from the Summit -- He will chair and also be a keynote speaker for the Innovations Forum, hosted by Strategy Institutes, that takes place June 19 and 20 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Oakland, CA-based, Mr. Settles is an ardent supporter of municipal wireless as well as an expert in the business and political issues surrounding these initiatives ( He is president of, a strategy consulting firm that helps organizations use wireless technology to save money, increase revenue and run a better business operation.

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