May 05, 2011 14:27 ET

Municipalities in the Laurentians Oppose Pacific Arc Resources' Mining Activities

STE-ADÈLE, QUÉBEC--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - There is vehement opposition to current mining exploration by Pacific Arc Resources and subcontractor On Track Exploration at its Red Pine Lake Project in the Laurentian municipalities of Ste-Adele, St-Hippolyte and Ste-Marguerite, QC.

Municipalities and citizens are alarmed by the potential impact of drilling exploration leading to possible exploitation of an open-pit mine which could take place on 2,982 hectares. Pacific Arc Resources based in Vancouver, BC obtained mining rights to this area via a Quebec internet "click and claim" system. It is feared that this will result in destruction of the environment (including an adjacent biological protected zone), negative economic impact to tourism in the area, and decimation of property values, local infrastructure and quality of life of cottagers, residents and tourists seeking the tranquility that this area has to offer. Citizens intend to pursue peaceful democratic opposition to mining activities in the Laurentians.

The issue of this exploration has increased in visibility which has shown progressive negative publicity for Pacific Arc. Furthermore, wrongful and unfounded accusations by the company CEO , Mr Harry Chew, that "local citizens are vandals" (as published in the Montreal Gazette on April 28th) hinges upon libel according to the Coalition and only further antagonizes citizens and critics of Pacific Arc's activities. Resistance by citizens was done in a respectful, peaceful way without incident.

Municipalities are outraged that Pacific Arc has proceeded with exploration without having informed them first. And, this, coupled with pressure from citizens via their petition to the National Assembly has resulted in a commitment from the Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec to change the Mining Act.

The Minister has stated that no project will go forward if it is against public interests. Citizens question Pacific Arc's governance and corporate ethics in having failed to consult the public.

The NO TO MINING IN THE LAURENTIANS Coalition urges Pacific Arc to immediately confirm that it will suspend any further exploration at the Red Pine Lake Project until the concerns of the local citizens have been addressed. The Coalition encourages an open discussion as soon as possible with Pacific Arc representatives.

The NO TO MINING IN THE LAURENTIANS Coalition includes citizens and civic associations from the Laurentians who pursue a ban on any mining activities in the Laurentians to preserve the area's tourism, wildlife, fauna and its numerous lakes and rivers for which the region is so proud.

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