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February 28, 2012 10:00 ET

Murfreesboro Chiropractor Urges Car Accident Injury Victims Not to Delay Treatment

MURFREESBORO, TN--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - Dr. Mitch Stanlick, the Murfreesboro chiropractor who runs Stanlick Chiropractic, is advising people who have sustained a car accident injury to get a full evaluation as quickly as possible after the accident. He is particularly concerned about people who have been in low-speed crashes. According to Dr. Stanlick, accidents that happen at speeds as low as 5 mph cause soft tissue injuries like whiplash, which may not manifest their symptoms until weeks after the accident. Symptoms can include neck or back pain and headaches, but Dr. Stanlick says that prompt attention can heal these injuries before they get worse.

According to Dr. Stanlick, who has been a Murfreesboro chiropractor since 2004, many of his chronic neck pain and back pain patients experienced a low-speed car accident injury several weeks or even months before they finally came in for pain management help. "Low-speed car accidents are tricky because many people who are in them walk away thinking they haven't been injured at all. But even at 5 mph, there is a probability that you can sustain a case of whiplash, which is notorious for its delayed onset. A few weeks after their crash, they start to suffer from persistent neck and back pain or headaches, yet they don't know why. Some people suffer for years before they come to us for chiropractic pain management."

Whiplash is one of the most commonly under-diagnosed car accident injuries in the United States. What concerns the chiropractor, however, is that so many cases of whiplash are not reported or diagnosed. This translates into years of chronic, but unnecessary pain. He says that whiplash is particularly troubling because collision forces the head and body in different directions suddenly, straining muscles, tendons and ligaments while also jarring the neck vertebrae out of alignment. This can lead to pinched nerves. These injuries can cause symptoms such as neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, vision problems, sleep disorders, mood problems and difficulty concentrating.

Dr. Stanlick explains that prompt diagnosis and pain management techniques can provide successful, long-term pain relief and rehabilitation for these types of car accident injuries. He says that he gives patients a complete assessment to determine the extent of their injuries, and can then recommend chiropractic spinal adjustments to relieve pinched nerves in the neck or back. He addresses soft tissue injuries with a combination of physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises, massage therapy and nutritional counseling.

"What we want to do for car accident victims is help them feel better from the inside out through natural treatments. Spinal adjustments, massage, exercises and nutrition stimulate the body to heal itself for lasting, genuine pain relief." For more information, visit Dr. Stanlick's website at

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