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Muscle Flex Inc.

August 10, 2009 05:00 ET

Muscle Flex Inc. Completes Its "Generation One" Websites and Begins Development of Its "Generation Two" Websites and Describes Its "Drive to the Internet" Strategy

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - Muscle Flex Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MFLI) announced today that it has completed its "Generation One" websites and is beginning development of its "Generation Two" sites to focus on its "Drive to the Internet" direct response strategy. Investors are urged to review each website as well as sign up for any Muscle Flex Inc. services such as Twitter, MySpace as well as investor updates at the Muscle Flex investor's page. Currently, Muscle Flex Inc. has the following websites operating:      (Corporate)    (The BUDDY Tablet Caddy Product™)      (The Muscle Flex® In Home Fitness Machine)          (Muscle Flex Inc. CEO and Infomercial Host)

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All graphic design and website development is done internally by Muscle Flex Inc. thus far allowing for a significant cost savings. Muscle Flex Inc. will maintain complete control of the graphic design elements going forward to ensure concept and image consistency between all media. The website development tasks from "Generation Two" forward will be handled by third party vendors to ensure the highest level of expertise in designing Muscle Flex Inc. online media.

Muscle Flex Inc.'s "Drive to the Internet" strategy is a simple design process by which generational upgrades are made in two primary website categories, Corporate and Ecommerce. Muscle Flex Inc. intends to integrate and fully adopt leading edge web design technology to increase sales, maximize data capture and fully integrate the "TV to Internet" seamlessly for the consumer. The generational steps for Muscle Flex's internet development strategy are:

Generation One:    Simple content driven website design, navigation and
                   information dispersion.
Generation Two:    Incorporate flash and video components with data capture
                   and enhanced Ecommerce.
Generation Three:  Interactive Video integration, advanced data capture and
                   Ecommerce engines with inbound live operator
Generation Four:   Leading edge Ecommerce engines with upscale data
                   capture, interactive user video interface with inbound
                   and outbound live operator applications.

Muscle Flex Inc will fully adopt leading edge internet and online technologies to enhance sales and lead generation, advanced data capture and utilization, to maintain a simple, seamless and highly entertaining customer experience on every site and advanced cross pollination and up-sell maximization. As technology develops, both from a software and hardware perspective, Muscle Flex Inc. shall carefully assess its uses and applicability to its websites for sales and market data enhancement. There are three main principles that guide the Muscle Flex websites' design philosophy:

1.  Every website must be simple, clear and entertaining to the user.
2.  Every website must have quick and non-lagging page downloads.
3.  Each component of the "Drive to the Internet" strategy must enhance
    sales and or the customer experience without complicating or
    compromising the end user (customer) experience.

The Muscle Flex "Drive to the Internet" direct response strategy is designed to direct the consumer to the applicable Muscle Flex product website. Each Muscle Flex product will be integrated in a total of three websites:

1.  Its own one page "landing page" for quick and easy ecommerce
2.  A "Generation Four" website that expands on the information provided
    on the TV infomercial, provides additional product information and has
    available live operator online chat or one on one telephone operator
3.  Each product will be featured in the Muscle Flex "Parent Ecommerce
    Website" which will be the "Supermarket" for all products and services
    offered by Muscle Flex Inc.

The parent Muscle Flex Ecommerce website shall display all of the "As Seen on TV" products as well as many other "up-sell" offerings that may not appear in an infomercial but are synonymous in their design or have strong "up-sell" characteristics. The Muscle Flex Inc. parent Ecommerce website shall include the most leading edge internet data capture technologies as well as a finely tuned, simple and entertaining customer user interface.

Muscle Flex Inc. is approaching its "Drive to the Internet" strategy in a phased roll-out to ensure the customer or Ecommerce components are never interrupted or inconvenienced at any time. The Ecommerce websites are expected to be much more advanced and robust as compared to the corporate website applications that have a much simplified B2B and corporate investor application. Although just as important, the Muscle Flex corporate websites are expected to maintain themselves at the "Generation Two" level.

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Muscle Flex Inc. brings new products to market using direct response TV infomercials specializing in the health, fitness, wellness and hygiene sectors. As well, Muscle Flex Inc. develops and creates general television content for network and cable television distribution. Muscle Flex's corporate strategy is to develop new and innovative products for sale and distribution via its proprietary direct response marketing system and the creation of television media and shows for general network and cable broadcast.

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