August 19, 2008 06:11 ET

Music Goes Green on Modern Marvels

GRAND ISLAND, NE--(Marketwire - August 19, 2008) - Wheatware™, an innovative "green technology" company, turns surplus wheat into evolutionary products showcased on an upcoming History Channel Modern Marvels show on "Wheat."

This episode of Modern Marvels will explore the world of wheat. Tracing its roots to early civilizations for making bread and beer, to a future where wheat has been transformed into biodegradable plastic-like products called Wheatware™. Titled "Wheat" on the History Channel, it premiers Thursday, August 21st. Show Times: 9pm ET/PT, 8pm/CT, 7pm/MT.

Filming at Manufacturing

The show finale was filmed during a one day shoot at the manufacturing factory in Grand Island, Nebraska, USA. Showcasing their biodegradable hangers, golf tees, coasters, guitar picks, drumsticks and more, Wheatware™ CEO Warren Kirsch and President Katherine Patton shared their strategic mission to save forests and reduce dependence on oil. It's a story of hard work, passion and commitment to greening our planet.

Making Music Green

Both long term musicians, Katherine and Warren 'rocked' the factory with the "new green sound" of their award winning Wheatware™ biodegradable guitar picks and drumsticks. During the filming of the show the TV quality sound equipment recorded the remarkable difference between Wheatware™ and typical wooden drumsticks and plastic guitar picks.

Hundreds of Music Stores Have Now Gone GREEN

If you are wondering about the demand for, say, an Eco-YoYo Maraca that, when buried in fertile soil, can grow into a plant, know that Wheatware™ master distributor, Harris Musical Company, has already signed up over 200 music stores with the product line, and the products are just now being carried by three other major US music distributors, Hanser Music Group, Southland, and Black Mountain. Sold globally in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and more, Wheatware™ is spreading around the planet!

A Green Company Poised for Explosive Growth!

Wheatware™ plans hundreds of more products. Needless to say, Wheatware™ has been getting press. In part, this is due to their presence at the Live Earth International Concert Events, Grammys "Green with Music" event, Leonardo DiCaprio's 11th Hour Premiere, the Emmys Green Room, Wired Magazine's Living Home, and at a number of high profile Film and Art Festivals as a participant with, among others, Microsoft, Ford and BPM Magazine in environmental awareness campaigns.

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