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Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.

June 23, 2009 07:45 ET

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. Partners With The Orchard in Global Licensing Pact Uses Patented Hit Song Science™ and Music Universe Technology to Promote Orchard-Controlled Songs With High Hit Potential From New Artists Around the World; Orchard to Serve as Exclusive Global Sales and Marketing Partner for uPlaya to Distribute Music Licensed Through Hit Song Science™

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - Today, Music Intelligence Solutions' uPlaya service, the leader in the field of digital music and media discovery, announced a multi-tiered strategic partnership with The Orchard. The Orchard, an entertainment services company, will exclusively distribute filtered, high-quality content sourced by Music Intelligence Solutions' patented Hit Song Science™ and its hit prediction technology and Music Universe™ discovery solutions. Additionally, uPlaya™ has licensed The Orchard's global music catalogue to power new artist promotional applications for the web and mobile. uPlaya provides Orchard marketing professionals with real-time, value-added data to help them sell more music.

The Orchard serves as launch partner for the new website, where artists and labels using Music Intelligence Solutions' patented technology get immediate feedback on a song's commercial potential via Hit Song Science™ and also instant exposure for these songs through uPlaya's Music Universe™. Artist and label subscribers see their music instantly evaluated and targeted to the right fans through a powerful suite of Web 2.0 promotional applications.

For songs that rank well on Hit Song Science, will utilize Orchard's leading sales and marketing team and global retail footprint to distribute the music to hundreds of leading digital and mobile retailers, including iTunes and Amazon.

"uPlaya bridges an important gap between the sheer volume of music available for sale or stream, a hungry global audience trying to find great new things to hear, and technological innovations that continue to bring the two closer together in innovative and efficient ways," said Greg Scholl, President and CEO of The Orchard. "We have high hopes that through this partnership, The Orchard will serve a growing set of great new clients while at the same time, our existing clients gain one more tool to help them build and monetize their audience."

"With 12 million talented artists now on the web needing help breaking through huge promotional barriers to get exposure, it is time for a change in the way artists get discovered and promote their music," said David Meredith, President and CEO of Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. "The Orchard's leadership in the entertainment business will allow uPlaya's promotional tools to be used to their fullest potential, enabling new opportunities for artists with great music to be recognized and paid for their work," added Meredith.

About Music Intelligence Solutions

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. ( uses patent-approved technology to transform the Music Artist experience globally, so that no great song goes unheard again. uPlaya services such as Hit Song Science™ and Music Universe™ enable proprietary discovery, automated programming, commercial market prediction, and community networking capabilities. Music Intelligence Solutions offers artists, songwriters, fans, social networks, mobile subscribers, and leading media companies a powerful new way to create, experience, share, and discover music and visual media. Music Intelligence Solutions' "intelligent systems" are a natural evolution of over a decade of research and development experience. For more information, visit the company website at

About The Orchard®

The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) is a full service business partner for entertainment companies, music labels, recording artists and songwriters, film studios, and producers. Founded in 1997, the company drives sales across its retail network of more than 600 digital storefronts and mobile carriers in 59 countries. Headquartered in New York and London, with operations in 27 markets around the world, The Orchard offers a comprehensive suite of services focused on customized marketing and promotions, social media, sales development, and technology. An industry pioneer and continued innovator in digital media services, The Orchard fosters creativity and independence. For further information please visit

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