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May 31, 2011 18:31 ET Opening Doors for Independent Musicians

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - With the recent decline of Major US labels, the playing field is rapidly changing for musicians. Gone are the days of landing a "record deal." So where does that place artists? Directly in the driver's seat.

The name of the game right now appears to be do-it-yourself, but that doesn't have to mean "BY" yourself. Opportunities are opening that were never before available to musicians. While the "big dogs" are duking it out over royalty and copyright issues, the back door has been left wide open for artists who may not have otherwise been given a chance.

Joe Consumer is starving for new music, and a new social networking site called MusicLunge is going to give it to them. "Every day is a challenge for artists and musicians around the world. It's hard trying to make money out of something you love doing so much, but all the major record labels just keep pushing you down," says Patrick Edvard, frontman for "Against the Day," who were recently announced as the winners of MusicLunge's video contest, hosted by Sonicbids. This four piece Swedish Alt. Rock band has what it takes to make it, but is without a major record label in the US. ML is there to bridge the gap by offering exposure and resources to get the word out.

The online social website is ready to launch some unprecedented opportunities that were previously reserved for those high atop the "industry" hierarchy... music video and radio promotion. They have announced a partnership with Play Mpe, which allows them to directly submit artists' music to major radio stations around the country, broadcast, satellite, and online included. They have also set-up key relationships to ensure that high quality music videos get into the hands of producers at MTV, Vh1, and affiliated networks. "Never before has the independent musician been so in control of where their music is going," says Jennifer Rodriguez, Vice President of MusicLunge. "Fans can watch artists become stars before their eyes."

It's high time musicians had a platform of their own. MusicLunge is trying to give the tools to emerge from the current "jungle" called the music industry. Basic accounts are free and include access to Video chat, Instant messaging, and file sharing.

You can read more out about the exciting "breakout band," "Against the Day," and find out more about MusicLunge by following the links below.

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