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February 25, 2008 20:16 ET

Musync Helps Indie Musicians Make Money With Their Pre-Cleared Music

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 25, 2008) - Musync, a San Francisco music licensing company, helps Indie Artists pre-clear their music to prepare for licensing for film, TV and video games.

Generally, music licensing can be a lot of work, but Musync has the process down. They help musicians from all over the globe prepare their music so it's ready for film producers, editors, ad agencies, production companies, game developers and TV program and spots. There's no negotiation, no delays in processing and no attorney approvals. Every song in the library of 16,573 (and growing) tracks is ready to use immediately.

Randy Schroeder, Musync CEO, AKA: Evangelist, is living his dream with Musync this way: VIDEO OF RANDY: How we help artists:

To submit music? Simply visit and click on "Got Music." If the tracks make the cut, a non-exclusive agreement is sent.

Seb Jarakian, Music Director, AKA: Head Music Genius, tells us how the music is filtered so it makes it into the library: VIDEO OF SEB: The music filtering process:

"Unfortunately, we can't take every band because the quality has to be there... ," says Seb. "... We're dealing with TV shows like 'Ugly Betty' and 'The Riches,' games from Microsoft and Konami, and hip ad agencies like DDB and FCB so the music has to be of the highest quality, AND fresh."

They often feature special albums on the Web site, including sample tracks, album art, photos and a review written by the Musync team. New artists are encouraged to provide an extensive bio plus any backstories they want publicized, about the album:

Many artists are featured in a regular e-newsletter. It includes a blurb about them, and some sample tracks for immediate review. Then it's distributed to their extensive client database.

Several times a year, Musync compiles an iTunes-ready DVD, which contains the best 1,000 tracks from the main catalog, and is distributed to all qualified users, without charge.

Musync regularly submits press releases about new artists and labels joining the Musync family.

Musync just partnered with DreamCatcher, to track all uses of the music so no one can use it (as in STEAL) without licensing and paying the fee.

How cool would it be to tune into your favorite TV show and hear your own music? Mom would be so proud.

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