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March 03, 2011 08:30 ET

Mutual Aid System in Illinois Adopts RAE Systems' Wireless AreaRAE System

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Illinois (MABAS-IL) Counts on RAE Systems' Wireless Platform for Rapid Sensor Deployments, Consolidated Management and Easy Interoperability

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) - RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: RAE) today announced 24 of its wireless AreaRAE Steel multi-gas detection Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) systems have been purchased by the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Illinois (MABAS-IL), a statewide mutual-aid response system for fire, emergency medical services (EMS) and specialized incident-operations teams. The wireless systems will help first responders throughout Illinois with emergencies requiring atmospheric monitoring, such as hazmat spills or major gas leaks, and for homeland security applications.

"The Illinois MABAS is widely considered a national leader in the allocation of emergency-response equipment and resources," said Steve Demas, president of the Environmental Safety Group (ESG), the RAE Systems' distributor who worked on the deal. "They carefully evaluated the AreaRAE system and ultimately were sold on its robust functionality, easy operation and wireless interoperability that make its monitors easy to integrate into any emergency scene."

Fast Deployments, Easy Interoperability
Housed in an easy-to-deploy case, the wireless AreaRAE Steel RDK can be used to quickly establish a perimeter around an atmospheric incident, allowing first responders to back off to a safe position and monitor readings from up to about two miles away (3 kilometers). Its welded stainless-steel enclosure makes the monitor rugged and weather-resistant for withstanding harsh environments, including hazardous materials spills and other emergencies where atmospheric monitoring is required, and security applications, such as public-venue safety monitoring.

An integrated wireless modem transmits real-time gas-measurement data to a base station, which employs a standard Windows-based PC running safety-monitoring software from RAE Systems. The base station can simultaneously control and display readings for up to 64 AreaRAE Steels and can move the system information over the Internet for viewing on a web browser. AreaRAE Steel also is fully supported by RAE Systems' ProRAE Guardian software platform.

The photoionization detector (PID) in the AreaRAE Steel can measure parts per million of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The system can be equipped with a lower explosive limit (LEL) sensor, an oxygen sensor, and one or two electrochemical toxic sensors for measuring specific substances, such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine.

Mutual-Aid Model
At the heart of the mutual-aid system in Illinois is a mutual-aid response plan that provides local fire chiefs with easy access to a significant number of fire service resources for use in a major fire, disaster or other large-scale emergencies. MABAS-IL has 68 Field Operating Divisions with 42 Shared Divisional HazMat Special Operations Teams. All 42 HazMat teams have AreaRAE RDKs, while the 68 divisions, which cover 100 of the state's 102 counties, have access to the HazMat teams and equipment 24/7/365 through the Statewide Response Plan.

The response plan brings to bear resources in quantities greater than any single fire department can provide, say officials. Additionally, it can access sources of funding, such as state or federal grants, to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and benefit from the economies of scale for those purchases through its sizable buying power.

About RAE Systems
RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: RAE) is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable, connected, intelligent gas-detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection. RAE Systems products are used in more than 120 countries by many of the world's leading corporations and government agencies.

RAE Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions, including personal, hand-held, transportable, and fixed instruments designed to meet the needs of any usage scenario. Applications include energy production, refining, industrial and environmental safety, public-venue safety and government first-responder markets.

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